Having access to around-the-clock assistance in this modern world has become necessary for companies at a higher level. Imagine if you or the customer face a problem with a product or service late at night, and at that time, only 24-hour customer service will help you resolve it.

Furthermore, people are always in need of all-time support that can address their issues promptly. If your company has a limited availability of services, it can lead to frustration. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of customer support services and how you can create them effectively.

What Do 24/7 Means?

24/7 support is a strategy that ensures customers have around-the-clock and everyday-of-the-week assistance. Moreover, customer support is essential for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industries, as customers around the globe need assistance on various matters.

Also, when you have 24-hour customer service operating internationally with varying time zones, you need a continuous support team. Besides, many customers also aim to choose a convenient method of customer service, such as through chatbots or live chats that mostly suit them.

Benefits of 24 Hour Customer Service

We can say that applying a 24/7 customer service system in a company is a huge investment for them. It benefits a company’s growth as customers trust them by coming to them with their questions. Therefore, in the following, we have given more benefits a company can have by using 24/7 support.

  • Necessity for Company: A business must have customer support services so that they can answer their customers’ FAQs. Moreover, a company might only succeed if there is customer support available.
  • Customer Satisfaction: If customers are getting the services they need from a company, this automatically increases customer satisfaction. Furthermore, having proper 24/7 support makes your company grow and attract more customers.
  • Enhance Sales Conversion: Customer service support also enhances your company’s conversion rate. Your customers pay for your products and services if they are getting suitable 24/7 support from your company.
  • Customer Loyalty: Only the best companies implement 24/7 customer support to show their customers that they care about their opinions. In addition to that, customers are convinced about their company, which can lead to customer loyalty.
  • Attend International Customers: Business companies have various branches around the world, and that means you should have 24/7 support around the clock. Thus allowing users to acquire international customers without worrying about their physical location.

How to Provide 24/7 Customer Service?

A reliable 24-hour customer service includes several factors to help users provide the support they need or resolve their queries. Thus, we have compiled a comprehensive overview of the elements that contribute to an upright customer support service:

1. Automated Chatbots

One of the most accessible and instant forms of providing customer support services is via chatbots. These chatbots use AI-driven automation programming and are designed to provide immediate, relevant responses. Thus, their programming involves answering frequently asked queries as they keep a record of everything.

Moreover, their AI-backed algorithms eliminate the limitation of availability. They can answer anytime, in any region, with different time zones. Additionally, these chatbots are designed to understand human languages, which enables them to comprehend and respond accurately.

2. Knowledge-Based FAQs

You can easily access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the website anytime, providing users with information round the clock, independent of human assistance. Traditionally, there is a separate section for FAQs compiled after analyzing the mutually shared queries of customers.

Likewise, FAQ videos or text usually involve “Why” and “How to” questions, and brief yet satisfactory information is provided. All in all, their availability and ability to upgrade them makes them a good 24/7 customer service element.

3. User-Driven Videos

Videos are the most interactive and independent form of customer engagement and are a good means of guest service. Typically, videos involve face-to-face interactions, which increases viewer comprehension, and is always available on the site. For example, Feedeo is an AI tool possessing video generative abilities that include not only avatar interaction but also the custom avatar and voice options.

feedeo for customer service

Besides, the tool can help you generate personalized scripts, which means you can create an interactive video based on the commonly asked queries. Additionally, you can add CTA buttons and step-by-step tutorials in the video, which will be available for 24/7 support on your website.

4. External Help Desk

Despite the availability of knowledge-based customer support services, some people just prefer direct interactions for queries and information. Thus, one of the best ways to enhance the customer experience is via outsource call center support. Having the right people on board is vital for this type of customer service.

Accordingly, attempt to hire individuals with excellent communication and problem-solving skills, like those who can accurately navigate unforeseen situations with patience and empathy. It’s also vital to provide thorough training and organize separate teams for day and night shifts to maintain a smooth 24-hour service.

5. Interactive Discussion Communities

Another method to win customer’s trust is by providing a platform where users can interact with each other instead of agents to resolve queries. Typically, this includes an interactive comment box or review section where anyone can reply to a query. Thus, this not only maintains 24/7 support but also lets others share their authentic experience with your site/tool.

However, this doesn’t necessitate that only a customer can reply to another customer. On the contrary, if a question hasn’t been answered for a long time, the team can dive in with suggestions.

6. Social Media Monitoring and Follow-Ups

Sometimes, customers are too lazy to access the webpage for live chat or asking a question. Hence, they leave the question in the comment section of a post, which can be both relevant and irrelevant. Therefore, it is essential to keep up with keen monitoring of social media handles to answer any query.

This not only enhances 24-hour customer service but also gives users a caring and active customer care expression. Moreover, if a customer has asked about a product or service and hasn’t responded afterward, you should leave a follow-up question. This can sometimes be a good sales pitch as you can throw in some additional information about other products, and the customer may become interested.

Get Started with 24/7 Customer Service

If a company is looking to start 24/7 customer services, the best tool to get started with is Feedeo. The self-service knowledge base of this tool helps bring 24/7 support to life. Furthermore, if you provide various types of solutions to customer’s FAQs, it enhances customer satisfaction. Moreover, you can increase your conversion rate by providing your customers with interactive and personalized videos.

customer service tool - feedeo

These videos empower self-service by collecting feedback, showcasing products, and answering customer queries. Other than that, customers can fill out dynamic forms that the company can address, and that increases customer satisfaction. Hence, Feedeo is an excellent tool to get started if you want to create 24/7 customer service to improve your customer service.

Key Features

  • Interactive Videos Showcasing Product with AI Avatar
  • Logic Feature that Redirects Pages According to Customer Feedback for a Personalized Experience
  • Personalized Videos Seamlessly Collect Feedback via Dynamic Forms and Surveys
  • Boost Engagement and Accessibility through Tours, Lectures, and Video Surveys

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