When launching a new product, companies always closely monitor customer reviews. The feedback from customers gives the organization an idea about the customers’ thinking related to the newly launched product. The company can also address the issues based on customer feedback.

In this article, we will discuss examples of types of customer feedback to understand the importance of feedback in the SaaS industry.

What is a Customer Feedback Sample?

The customer provides insight and feedback about a company’s product or service, known as customer feedback. Moreover, collecting customer feedback data in qualitative and quantitative form aims to address their issues. The customer feedback sample is the representative subset of the user or customer feedback about their overall experience.

Furthermore, customer feedback samples may include comments, star ratings, and complaints on community forums. Also, it includes in-app feedback, email surveys, and suggestions on social media. The sample can be randomly selected or purposefully chosen to ensure a diverse representation of customer opinions on company services or products. You can review the customer feedback examples to discover the questions you might ask your potential customers.

Also, customer feedback survey examples tell how companies can collect data from customer feedback. Analyzing the sample allows the business to identify trends, patterns, and recurring themes in customer feedback. As a result, companies can learn much about their customers by listening to their reviews and opinions on products and services. Organizations should choose the best way to ask questions from customers so users feel valued and connected.

Types of Customer Feedback Examples

Different businesses offer different products or services according to customer needs and preferences. This means companies’ methods of collecting customer feedback can be different from each other. Therefore, we discussed the types of customer service feedback examples to understand them better.

1. In-App Rating Example

In-app rating is the type of customer feedback example that collects customer reviews on the mobile or web application. This pop-up method encourages the customers to rate their experience using a predefined scale, usually represented by stars. Moreover, with this, businesses can gather customer review data instantly and simply. It is an effective way to gather valuable feedback to boost customer engagement and retention.

2. Customer Satisfaction Survey Example

You can get customer reviews to know about their satisfaction regarding the product using this customer feedback survey example. Also, companies can formulate a comprehensive questionnaire to know the customer experience with the product.

Various aspects, such as customer service, ease of use, and product quality, are covered in the customer satisfaction survey. In addition to that, sending the survey to customers and encouraging them to fill it out can help the company track their progress.

3. Review Sites Feedback Example

Feedback on review sites is another type of customer feedback example in which customer share their experience publicly. Therefore, companies can monitor these reviews to get an idea of customer sentiments and problems. Online reviews affect and shape the brand image and are used as recommendations for new customers.

4. Customer Interviews Example

Businesses can get an in-depth insight into the customer experience with products and services through interviews. Direct conversation with customers allows the business to explore specific issues and uncover underlying challenges. With the help of this positive customer feedback example, you can find out the information that cannot be obtained through the quantitative method.

5. Sales Feedback Example

Sales feedback examples help the company know the customers’ buying patterns and objections regarding products. Furthermore, sales feedback can give you a clear idea about customers’ buying journey and the roadblocks they face while purchasing the product. So, this feedback can help the organization to refine its sales strategy and improve communication.

Best 10 Customer Feedback Examples from Sass Companies

As we discussed, the types of customer feedback examples indicate that there are different ways to get customer feedback. Moreover, the customer feedback example from SaaS companies tells us how you can take reviews to improve your service and product. Here are the examples that have been discussed so you understand the importance of taking feedback from customers:

1. Uber Real-Time Two-Sided Feedback

Uber’s feedback system allows both drivers and riders to provide feedback after each trip. With the help of this two-way communication mechanism, Uber gathers comprehensive insight into the driver and rider’s overall experience. Riders can rate the drivers, and drivers rate the rider, which fosters accountability on both sides. In addition to that, the real-time nature of this feedback loop enables Uber to address issues immediately.

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2. Apple Product Feedback

Apple is a giant electronics company that is actively seeking product feedback from its potential users. They collect feedback through various channels, including product support pages, the Apple website, and in-app mechanism. In addition to that, the company values the customer opinion to enhance the user experience, solve problems, and introduce new features.

It is one of the good examples of customer feedback that proves that connection with your customers can give you success in the market. Plus, taking feedback from customers demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering products according to customer expectations.

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3. Jira Notification Customer Feedback

Unlike other companies that use pop-up surveys and online reviews, Jira uses an in-app notification strategy to collect customer feedback. Jira embeds the quick feedback question in notifications for a user to rate their experience with a feature they just used. Other than that, this customer feedback method is natural, and there is more chance of users responding.

In this way, the organization collects instant customer feedback about the features they use rather than filling out long forms. Communication with the customer can enhance their trust and reliability in the company.

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4. Microsoft Feedback Hub

Users of Microsoft can file complaints, share product feedback, and give compliments through the Microsoft Feedback Hub. It serves as a community-driven space where customer can share their experience and vote on existing feedback. Also, the feedback hub improves the collaboration between Microsoft and its user community, fostering a sense of transparency.

Additionally, Microsoft uses this strategy to prioritize and address issues that matter most to the user. Therefore, solving the customer issue demonstrates the organization’s commitment to keeping the customer as its priority.

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5. Cardano Spot Email Survey

A blockchain platform, Cardano, utilizes email surveys to gather feedback from its users. Cardano ensures direct outreach to its user base by leveraging email as a communication channel. Based on user feedback, the responsive adjustment in service allows Cardano to adapt to the evolving needs of users.

Furthermore, email surveys provide customer feedback so that developers can make continuous improvements in the Cardano Spot Platform. The email survey method aligns with the decentralization ethos of blockchain technology and emphasizes community participation in shaping Cardano’s evolution.

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6. Amazon’s Customer Service Feedback Survey

The feedback method of Amazon to know the customer satisfaction level comes in the category of customer service feedback examples. Customers can rate Amazon’s customer service based on the level of communication and response speed. Moreover, there is an open-text field on the Amazon website for customers to provide additional feedback.

In addition, Amazon continuously refine its customer service strategies by prioritizing customer feedback. This direct feedback loop allows Amazon to assess the effectiveness of its customer service team.

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7. HubSpot NPS Survey

HubSpot uses the NPS survey that includes open-ended questions to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. NPS is the most used metric that gauges the likelihood of customers recommending the company’s product or service to others. In addition, the survey includes the simple question of how likely a customer is to recommend a product or service to others on a scale of 0-10.

The responses categorize customers into promoters and detectors that ultimately provide HubSpot with a clear indication of overall customer sentiments. Also, the response of the user helps the company to identify areas of strength and areas that may need attention. HubSpot can make informed decisions based on customer responses to the NPS survey to build brand advocacy.

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8. Slack In-App Customer Feedback

The popular team collaboration platform Slack integrates an in-app customer feedback mechanism to gather insight from users. Plus, this is a good customer feedback example that does not interrupt the user’s product experience. Instead of sending emails to customers to leave feedback, Slack uses a micro survey to collect customer feedback.

Additionally, the one multiple choice question in a micro survey reduces the stress of filling out a long question survey. Besides this, the language used by Slack in this in-app survey is conversational instead of industry jargon. The in-app micro survey is timely and contextual, which will result in a higher response rate.

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9. Zoom Feedback Form

Zoom asks for positive and negative customer feedback reviews right after the call ends. The feedback is usually accessible, allowing the participant to share their thoughts on call quality, features, and overall satisfaction. Plus, the company uses this feedback to improve its functionality and add innovative features.

In this rapidly evolving landscape of technology, updating the product or service according to customer needs keeps the company relevant in the market. As a result, users can also recommend some new features that might not be in company consideration for a better video calling experience.

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10. Feedback Strategy of Mailchimp

Mailchimp’s feedback survey strategy is one of the best examples of customer feedback, allowing customers to provide feedback easily. If the user goes through the article on the Mailchimp website, they will find the feedback option at the end.
Furthermore, this iterative feedback process contributes to Mailchimp’s ability to provide user-friendly and effective email marketing solutions. Apart from this, MailChimp’s website provides the option of leaving specific and general feedback. Customers’ general and specific feedback can tell the company which feedback is more important to consider first.

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How Can Feedeo Help Capture User Feedback Easily

You are now familiar with the customer feedback examples by going through the types of customer feedback examples. Moreover, the 10 best examples of customer feedback tell you how SaaS companies take feedback from users to improve overall performance. Sometimes, customers find it boring to fill out a feedback survey or surveys to give suggestions about their experience. Thus, you need to make it interesting through videos that deliver your message and encourage users to give feedback.

For this, Feedeo is the best option to create the interactive video through the AI-avatar feature of the tool. The tool provides the AI-avatar image and voice to customize the video message that attracts customers. In addition to that, you can make videos more interactive with the help of the tool’s offered features.

  • Feedeo provides the feature to embed videos or widgets on the company website to collect data.
  • It offers a logic feature that redirects the pages or videos based on user feedback.
  • Companies can personalize the message by adding their image to AI-avatar-powered videos.
  • Besides, you can fill in the script with the message you want to convey to the users.
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