Traditional videos struggle to engage the audience effectively, which leads to low retention rates due to their static or linear format. In this situation, interactive videos meet the growing demand for engaging and personalized digital experiences across industries, including marketing, education, and entertainment. So, in this article, we thoroughly discuss the characteristics of good interactive video and interactive video platforms.

What is Interactive Video?

An interactive video is a kind of video where you don’t just watch but also interact with the content. You get the opportunity to make choices, click on things, and be a part of the video instead of following a straight story. In interactive videos, you can choose the length of videos and will end up accessing various features and ideas for great content. However, this makes the watching experience more exciting and personalized.

People use interactive videos in learning, advertising, training, and entertainment to make things more fun for consumers. In addition, interactivity can come in different forms, like making decisions, clicking on special points, and answering quizzes. Moreover, viewers retain 95% of the message through these videos, enhancing 66% of engagements and longer view time by 44%.

Why is Interactive Video Important?

Interactive video ads have revolutionized content consumption and provide an immersive experience. Thus, in this dynamic technological landscape, these videos are essential to capture and retain audience interest. Let’s discuss the significance of these videos across various fields in the following section.

  1. Enhance Engagement: You can turn a passive viewer into an active one by giving him an interactive environment. The interactive videos allow users to click on the objects in the video and make personalized choices. Further, they can also interact with the content to increase attention and memorable viewing experiences.
  2. Improve Lead Generation: It helps increase your brand recognition and awareness to stand out in the market competition. For that reason, a survey states that 47% of marketers consider these videos the most effective lead generator and ROI booster. Because you can get insights into your audience through various interacting methods.
  3. Keep Viewers Accountable: Adding an activity or quiz at the end of the video for an online learning course for students will enhance their sense of accountability. Plus, you can increase the audience’s retention with periodic checkpoints after completing each part.
  4. Provide Personalized Experience: Users have the freedom to choose the video content according to their professional or personal roles. Moreover, it allows them to structure the flow according to their knowledge level and experience, as knowledge gaps vary individually.
  5. Linking to Exclusive Content: Interactive video platforms allow users to affiliate marketing by linking their videos to external links and social sites. In this way, you will be able to make your content public or exclusive and drag the audience to your video marketing to social media pages.

What Makes a Good Interactive Video?

Interactive videos are like stories where you can choose what happens and offer a participatory experience. Now, let’s find out what makes this video form so famous in this fast-paced world.

  1. Integration of Hotspots: Hotspots are clickable spots added to a video; when you click on them, they show extra information or actions. Besides, incorporating click-and-explore techniques in these videos offers a versatile way to deliver content across various domains.
  2. Branching Storylines: One of the most captivating approaches to creating interactive videos is the branching technique. It enables viewers to navigate the content in a create-your-own-adventure fashion. This method allows users to explore various story paths within the video through interactive elements.
  3. Responsive Surveys and Questionnaires: Interactive surveys provide real-time insights into user opinions and preferences. Thus, It enables content creators to customize future interactive video content and demonstrate a commitment to meet audience expectations.
  4. Gamification of a Video: A good interactive video allows users to align gamification elements with the video’s goals by having multiple content pathways. Users are drawn into an immersive environment that results in heightened satisfaction and fosters a positive perception of the content.
  5. Feedback Mechanism: Adding a thoughtful and effective feedback mechanism helps users understand the consequences of their choices. However, if you balance guidance and allow users to explore independently, it will create a positive and enjoyable impact.

5 Interactive Video Platforms to Create Interactive Videos

Traditional videos are transforming into interactive experiences and opening up a world of possibilities for captivating content. In this regard, different platforms have stepped up to offer tools to build dynamic stories. Here are the five interactive video platforms that help craft immersive digital experiences.

1. Feedeo

 interactive video platform feedeo

Feedeo is one of the best interactive video software that AI powers to improve the way consumers interact with their content. This AI tool generates leads by showcasing a product interestingly with an integration of gamification elements. Feedeo’s interactive video platform collects feedback from viewers to enhance productivity in every field, including marketing and sales, e-commerce, and the educational sector.

In addition, it lets users create an AI virtual avatar image and voice for customized brand identity. You can fill in the script with your desired message to generate audio content for your videos through this platform. Moreover, different sets of components exist for multiple interactive scenarios, such as NPS, multiple choice, open WhatsApp, 5-star, and many more.

2. Adventr

interactive video software adventr

Adventr allows you to create, test, and modify interactive videos effortlessly to engage with viewers interactively. It empowers users to decide on the storyline and ending that they want. Moreover, this interactive video maker lets you connect your media with your CRM, databases, and CDP that show real-time data to get a personalized experience.

The data collection feature of this software collects detailed information on your audience engagement trends and channel performance. Moreover, it integrates with other systems to communicate through video with the Adventr API feature to create shoppable videos, on-screen polling, and leaderboards.

3. Verse

interactive video maker - verse

With Verse, you can create immersive interactive content with your videos to enrich stories for audience engagement. This interactive video maker enhances your promotional videos with clickable hotspots and other elements. Along with this, it provides an e-commerce experience that surely drives results. Furthermore, you can elevate your product presentation by transitioning between navigation and narrative.

It also enables you to enrich onboarding and training videos with dynamic decision points. However, this is beneficial for better understanding and retention of knowledge. Further, the tool provides comprehensive features, including interactive explainers, mobile-first design, multilingual captioning, and monetization tools.

4. Spott

interactive video ads with spott

Spott specializes in making interactive video ads, catalogs, and images. On this platform, you will get multiple interactive templates that you can customize to meet your goals. Furthermore, it assists you in evolving your marketing from a push-to-pull strategy. It is done by adding interactivity to your content and making it more relevant for your visitors.

Additionally, this interactive video software boosts your lead generation. However, this is done through test drives, pre-reservation of a product, gamification, couponing, newsletters, and webinar subscription formats. You can reduce your conversion funnel and uplift your average order value with its vast array of features.

5. Mindstamp

create interactive video with mindstamp

Mindstamp stands as the leading interactive video solution designed to optimize and maximize the value derived from each viewing experience. It enhances your videos by incorporating buttons, hotspots, questions, lead capture, branching, and logic to help you achieve desired outcomes. You can get a sense of ownership by tailoring the video to individual viewers based on their actions.

This interactive video platform offers dynamic feedback and navigation in response to the answers and actions of the viewers. Additionally, you can integrate payment barriers into your content to enable viewers to make purchases and access your content.


All in all, interactive videos are digital video content that enables viewers to actively deliver an engaging experience. We learned the significance of these non-linear, gamified media in this modern world. Also, we got to know about the peculiar characteristics of a good interactive video. Finally, we discussed 5 interactive video platforms that can help you develop an engaging video.

However, if you want to utilize the best AI video generation platform, we highly recommend Feedeo for that purpose. With its AI-integrated system and a wide range of interaction scenarios, this interactive video maker provides the best video-making experience.

feedeo generates interactive video

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