The new trend of today’s digital world is all about people making short form video content to express themselves online. It is proven that making short form videos on the internet has changed the very nature of marketing. Social media marketing companies invest in these short videos as they have the highest ROI and thus increase sales. In this article, we’ll look at different aspects of short videos in detail to know how they grow your business.

What is a Short Form Video?

The attention span of viewers has significantly decreased as the duration of video making has lessened over the years. Therefore, the age of making short form video content has taken over various platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. So, what exactly is a short form video? It is referred to as a type of video that is made in under 60 seconds.

These videos are intended in such a way as to be easily digestible by the viewers who are scrolling through social media platforms. Moreover, social media companies have found a way to utilize these short videos to get their message across to millions of viewers. Thus, viewers can consume more content on the go and share it with others, which makes your business grow.

Long-Form vs. Short Form Videos to Look Out

The most important part of marketing is choosing which form of videos will suit your brand more. Therefore, your goal is to ensure that the video increases your brand’s conversion rate, boosts audience engagement, and creates brand awareness. So, which is better for your company’s growth in the battle of short form vs. long-form videos? Let’s explore what sets them apart and which one serves better for marketing purposes.

MetricsLong Form VideosShort Form Videos
Duration10-20 minutes31-90 seconds
Conversion RateLess conversion rateBetter conversion rate
Budget FriendlyExpensiveCost-efficient
Easy To MakeTakes time, effort, and resources to createLess time to create
Content ConsumptionRequire more time and attention span for consumptionEasily consumable
Used ForVideo tutorials, product explanationsSocial content, marketing ads

What are the Short Form Video Trends?

To keep your audience engaged with your brand and product, social media companies need to make sure of some trends. Let’s dive into the following tips on how you can create creative short form video content for your brand.

1. Use of Latest Memes and Songs in Short Videos

The attention span of an average viewer is short, and they scroll through numerous videos in a day, so how can you get their attention? The best creators think ahead before creating short form video content by keeping up with the latest trends. They use the latest songs, filters, animation, hashtags, and memes to make users curious about their brand. Therefore, this increases your chances of gaining more customers.

2. Product Teaser Video

You can hype your product by making a short form video teaser of your product and promoting it on various social platforms. This is a great video marketing strategy as it builds anticipation and excites your customers about the upcoming product. Moreover, it can also go viral if you release multiple teaser videos on your brand.

3. Update Content Regularly

Marketing companies should prioritize keeping their brand up-to-date by posting three to five times weekly. This increases your chances of getting recognized by the social media algorithm and gives it enough content to choose from. Therefore, posting regular short videos online can help your brand grow and engage your audience. In addition, make your videos interesting, as quality matters over quantity.

4. Partnership with Influencers

One of the best ways to promote your brand is by reaching out to influencers with a wider audience. According to research, about 66% of social media companies partner with influencers from TikTok and Instagram. Therefore, tracking down influencers with the same target audience as yours can help increase your brand’s conversion rate.

5. Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC)

It is highly recommended that marketing companies utilize user-generated content so that your short form videos get more attention from viewers. People usually rely on the real-life experiences of others to what they think of the product or brand. It can include a customer review, stories, or product testing. Furthermore, you can share their reviews on your page to increase customer exposure.

Why You Need to Use Short Form Video for Business?

Short form video content has increased in popularity over various social media platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat Spotlight Shorts. Therefore, marketing companies prefer short videos to promote their brand to grow their business. We have discussed some benefits of why there is a need for short form videos in this section.

  1. Immediately Grabs Attention: People usually enjoy watching short videos as they grab their attention quickly. Creators can use this to create engaging videos by adding appealing visuals, bold text, audio, and memes.
  2. Easily Consumable Content: Short form videos are easily consumed by the viewers as they provide them with a quick message. Marketing companies can advertise their brand more efficiently to users while they scroll through special media.
  3. Cost-Effective: These videos are easy to produce and are a great marketing tool. You can create short videos with minimum effort and resources as long as you have a phone. Therefore making it very budget-friendly for marketing companies.
  4. Keep Viewers Engaged: Videos under 30 seconds have a higher engagement rate than long videos. Also, keeping your audience anticipated and engaged with your product is essential for a company as it builds awareness.
  5. Repurpose and Shareable: Customers can easily share and repurpose these short form videos online, making them ideal for businesses. Moreover, people share the content they find interesting and entertaining, thus increasing your brand’s potential.

Best 5 Short form Video Platforms

With the launch of various short form video platforms, choosing which would be best for your company can become difficult. Therefore, we have listed the best 5 short video platforms and their features to help you create engaging and creative short form videos.

1. Feedeo

feedeo for short video

Feedeo is an excellent AI-Avatar-powered solution that captivates your viewers by generating interactive videos. It can help you showcase your products, enhance engagement, and effortlessly collect consumer feedback. You can captivate your audience by featuring various digital avatars in short form videos that boost conversion rate. Additionally, this tool helps drive sales more and increase customer interaction.

Furthermore, create impressive and interactive videos within five easy steps to unleash creativity. With a short form video editing tool, you can customize the image and voices of AI avatars or upload your photo to showcase your product. You can write the message you want to convey in the script setup feature, and it also generates a voice for your content. Also, it lets you choose different components and set videos or pages for maximum user experience.

2. Instagram Reels

short form video platform - instagram reels

Instagram Reels invite you on a journey to create fun and interactive short form videos that you can share with your friends online. You can choose different genres of music from its vast collection and use green screen and AR effects to make yourself distinctive in your short videos.

It also consists of a timer that you can set from 15 to 90 seconds to record a video hands-free. In addition, you can start a trend online with the “Add Yours” feature in different layouts.

3. YouTube Shorts

short form video content from youtube short

YouTube Shorts was introduced for creators to connect with their audience quickly and engagingly. This short form video editing tool can help you create 15 to 60-second short videos with various other features.

You can change the timer and speed of your clips and add effects, filters, and sounds to your small videos. Moreover, with the help of the green screen and retouch feature, you can present your product in the best way possible.

4. Snapchat Spotlight

short form video editing with snapchat

Snapchat also features a “Spotlight” function similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels. There are several customizable editing tools for making short videos. Using the directory mode, you can access different tools like sounds, lenses, timers, and green screens and add additional media to your videos.

Additionally, this short form video platform helps you edit your videos to create more appealing and interactive marketing ads for consumers.

5. TikTok Videos

make short form video with tiktok

TikTok is the most popular platform Gen Z and Millennials use for making short form videos. Although it is dedicated to making only short videos, it has also added a “BeReal” competitive feature. Here, you can discover amazing feeds with your friends and send them to your feed for others to see your content.

Moreover, the “For You” page suggests algorithmic feeds to users, and the “Following” tab shows other’s short video posts.

Final Thoughts

This article has portrayed an image of how creating short form video content can be beneficial for a company’s brand growth. We also learned about different short video trends to create amazing and engaging marketing videos. In addition, all the short-form video platforms explained in this article can help you boost sales.

Nevertheless, we have identified Feedeo as the best short-form video editing tool available. It provides exclusive video editing tools to elevate your marketing ads to the next level.

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