Video content marketing has become the new norm of modern marketing strategies for companies. According to research, 79% of marketers advertise their brand by using video content marketing strategies. Furthermore, video content uses stunning visuals to capture the audience’s attention and build brand awareness. In this article, we will discuss the importance of video content marketing and why businesses should use this strategy to win hefty profits.

What is Video Content Marketing?

People’s attention spans are diminishing day by day, and in this case, marketers quickly need to capture their audience’s attention. Therefore, they utilize video content marketing that builds a name for your brand with visual stories. You can use various video content like animation, explainer, and behind-the-glimpses videos to showcase your brand. In addition, these visuals provide information and entertainment and evoke emotional responses in the audience.

Furthermore, marketing companies use various options to promote their brand, such as different video formats, styles, and services. One of the options includes using platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to enhance brand marketing. These platforms provide a vibrant canvas for branding and also allow businesses to connect and entertain their audience. Moreover, these sites give users the ability to search, engage, and share your brand online.

Why You Need a Video Content Marketing Plan

Video content marketing strategies can enhance a company’s popularity and spread its brand name. Moreover, video content has several benefits for a company. To know about them, read the following section to understand it better.

  • Improve Engagement: Marketing companies should provide their customers with helpful, engaging information about their products. These will help them learn more about your products and services and get them excited about it. Therefore, video content marketing is key to getting people to convert.
  • Increase Conversion Rates: Video content is a powerful way to increase your company’s conversion rate. Furthermore, people buy your product more if you give them product demonstrations, customer testimonials, or explainer videos.
  • Better ROI: You can also rely on video content to help you convert more leads. Other than that, they help you maintain customers for a lifetime. According to statistics, after watching a brand video, 84% of customers feel compelled to purchase it.
  • Enhance SEO: Video content marketing strategy also helps increase your product’s SEO ranking. Therefore, using videos on your company’s website with SEO-optimized titles and descriptions can improve search engine ranking and attract potential customers.
  • Boost Connectivity: Companies can connect with their viewers on a more personalized level by giving them quality videos. In addition, these videos will evoke emotions and build better connectivity between you and your customers.

Video Content Marketing in Social Media Channels

Marketers also use various video content marketing agencies and channels to advertise their brands. In addition, the following platforms provide a dynamic stage for your brand. You can engage, educate, and entertain yourself by utilizing their visuals and popularity.

1. YouTube

video content marketing - youtube

YouTube is an excellent dedicated channel that is best for video content marketing to promote their brand. This platform provides you with several themes, tutorials, product reviews, and video scripts. Moreover, you can optimize your video content by using keywords in your marketing videos. Therefore, it boosts your brand awareness and also helps your channel grow.

According to Wyzowl, 87% of marketers recommend YouTube to advertise their company products. YouTube has a global reach with a high visibility rate in the industrial community.

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2. Facebook

video content marketing services - facebook

Facebook is another popular platform that provides marketers with engaging video content marketing services. This platform provides you with interactive, engaging business page videos and real-time interactions. Additionally, the Facebook Live feature provides a diverse video marketing space for business marketers. According to research, 73% of marketers use Facebook to promote their products or services.

Moreover, this social media platform also provides you with various video formats, such as educational, behind-the-scenes videos, and tutorials. You can build a strong presence on Facebook by analyzing potential viewers before you post a video.

3. Instagram

video content marketing agency - instagram

Instagram is like a visual powerhouse that offers a diverse range of video formats such as IGTV, stories, and Reels. According to Wyzowl, 41% of marketers use Instagram, and 78% find it very useful for marketing purposes. You can use Instagram video-making features to brand your product through storytelling style and foster connectivity with your customers.

Moreover, this video content marketing platform also has visually stunning video filters, effects, masks, and many more. You can utilize the “Insta Reel” feature to deliver your brand message in a short period. Businesses can showcase their products, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, and engage followers with such visual content.

4. TikTok

video content marketing strategy - tiktok

TikTok’s exponential growth has made it the most popular choice of advertising products among the marketing industries. This video content marketing agency particularly targets the young audience by providing them with creative and authentic short-form videos. Furthermore, you can showcase your brand in a fun and creative way by adding sound effects. The hashtag feature basically sets the bar for sharing and promoting videos.

If we look at the statistics of DemandSage, advertisers can access 885 million people with 18 years old age range. TikTok ensures video content visibility, humor, and personality by keeping your brand updated with your audience.

5. LinkedIn

video content marketing - linkedin

LinkedIn provides a professional space for B2B engagement where companies can build industry connections through video content. It is a good choice as a video content marketing strategy as you can create videos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at company culture.

Other than that, according to research done by Wyzowl, 75% of marketers find LinkedIn extremely helpful. Moreover, this platform is authentic as you can interact with actual people rather than just their logo. You can also engage with people using the LinkedIn Live feature.

What Tools Can Enhance Your Video Content Marketing Strategy?

You can make interactive video content by utilizing the right tool. Most of these tools provide various features that can extend your video-creating experience, and out of all of them, Feedeo is your best choice.

feedeo for video content marketing services

Feedeo is a video content marketing platform that uses AI-powered tools to showcase your product in an engaging way. This toolkit provides you with a range of customizable and engaging AI avatars. You can choose to upload your photo or choose to pick any avatar with custom voices as well. Moreover, you can generate a script for your avatar and convey an excellent message to them.

Additionally, Feedeo provides different video content marketing services that help you generate leads and collect feedback. This way, companies can use Feedeo to stay up to date and let you share your product via email, SMS, and other platforms.

Key Features

  • Customizable AI Avatars By Uploading Photos
  • Different Answer Types, Such As Short Text, NPS, Contact Info, Multiple Choice, etc.
  • Iframe To Add On Your Website For Collecting Data
  • Live Demo To Check Your Created Form or Survey
  • Multiple Templates for Marketing, Sales, Recruitment, E-commerce, and Education

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