Many B2B companies on the rise encounter difficulties in efficiently reaching and captivating potential clients. Likewise, manual procedures and the absence of automation result in time-consuming tasks and inefficiencies. To tackle these problems, it is vital to integrate high-quality B2B marketing tools.

Furthermore, these tools automate marketing processes, manage customer relationships, and generate leads. Read this article to learn about the 10 best B2B marketing software to obtain valuable insights into marketing performance.

Top 10 B2B Marketing Tools to Use

B2B companies face the challenge of staying ahead in their marketing strategies for growth. In this regard, the incorporation of advanced B2B marketing tools becomes crucial. In addition, businesses can solve the complexities of modern marketing and simplify their work processes with these tools. Now, let’s discuss the top 10 B2B marketing tools for the ongoing growth of your company in the competitive B2B market.

1. Feedeo

b2b marketing tools - feedeo

Feedeo, the best B2B marketing tool, plays a pivotal role in company growth as an AI video maker. Plus, its AI-Avatar-powered interactive videos enable personalized interactions and develop meaningful connections. Moreover, the tool facilitates the integration of dynamic and engaging video content into blog posts, social media, and email campaigns for message delivery.

Plus, companies can excel in product demonstrations with Feedeo as it simplifies the showcasing of complex and technical products. Besides, it ensures potential clients grasp features and benefits comprehensively. Users can convey key messages through automated video creation that dynamically responds to customer behavior and preferences. However, noteworthy benefits include a threefold reduction in website bounce rates and significant cost and time savings of over 75%.

2. SEO Quake

b2b marketing software - seo quake

SEO Quake is a valuable B2B marketing platform that provides detailed insights into how a website performs and which keywords drive traffic. Moreover, it gathers data from various sources, including social media metrics like Tweets and Facebook Likes. Plus, this tool thoroughly analyzes keywords on a webpage, helping businesses understand what terms are essential for online visibility.

Likewise, the tool makes keyword data more understandable through a visual cloud representation to spot trends and patterns. Additionally, SEO Quake has a handy “Print” and “Export” feature to enhance marketing strategy. Besides, users can save reports in .csv files for easy sharing and collaboration within their team.


b2b software marketing - metadata serves as a powerful B2B marketing software that uses metadata to make every marketing dollar count for a real impact on revenue. Likewise, it provides a solution for limited budgets and smaller teams to make tasks less time-consuming. Moreover, with an easy-to-use interface, the tool offers a product tour demonstrating its ability to deliver actual returns on investment.

The platform automates the optimization process using real CRM data and relevant key performance indicators. Additionally, marketers can efficiently allocate budgets and make data-driven decisions by audience targeting and campaign experiments.

4. Intuit Mailchimp

b2b marketing platforms - mailchimp

Intuit Mailchimp is a powerful B2B marketing software that assists organizations in improving their marketing strategies. Users can get sophisticated analytics and reporting functionalities to identify trends and suggest compelling campaigns targeted at potential buyers. Additionally, its AI-assisted tools deliver personalized experiences and boost revenue through SMS capabilities.

Likewise, the platform combines data from various sources, including Google Analytics and Shopify sales reporting, for informed decisions. In addition, users can navigate it confidently with personalized product tours and onboarding support. However, with advanced AI and analytics tools, Mailchimp compares data against millions of points to provide recommendations that enhance sales effectiveness.

5. Goldcast

best b2b marketing tools - goldcast

Goldcast is a B2B marketing platform specializing in creating engaging and revenue-driven events for big businesses. It caters to various events and allows businesses to host webinars, virtual summits, field events, hybrid events, customer events, and community events. Furthermore, an automatic calendar is held to increase attendance, and interactive elements like polls and video Q&As are used to engage audiences.

Users can create short videos for social media and generate automated blog posts and follow-up emails. You can maintain ongoing engagement through an on-demand events hub. Also, Goldcast, with its customer support, increases a 97% customer satisfaction rate, an average live event support response time of 34 seconds, and a 99.9% uptime.

6. Adobe Marketo Engage

b2b marketing tools - adobe

Adobe Marketo Engage unites sales and marketing efforts to collaborate seamlessly. As the leading marketing automation platform, it enhances customer engagement, from offering attraction to nurturing leads and implementing account-based marketing strategies. Plus, one of its standout features is its ability to maintain marketing efforts consistently to ensure a constant presence across different channels.

The platform utilizes AI to create predictive audience segments and deliver personalized experiences through tailored content. Moreover, it supports customer-driven journeys by coordinating conversations online and offline through channels like email, social media, paid media, SMS, and events.

7. Descript

b2b marketing software -descript

Descript is transforming the video and podcast creation landscape with its user-friendly platform. Also, this invaluable B2B marketing tool streamlines content creation, including writing, recording, transcribing, editing, collaboration, and sharing. Furthermore, the tool stands out with intuitive video editing, making it as simple as working with documents.

Its multitrack audio editing for podcasts mirrors the ease of document editing. Besides, users can effortlessly capture, edit, and share screen or webcam recordings while industry-leading transcription accuracy and powerful correction tools enhance the process. Furthermore, its AI-driven capabilities of incredibly lifelike AI voice replication enhance the process of content creation.

8. HubSpot

b2b software marketing - hubspot

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub has a user base of over 194,000 worldwide customers. The software serves as a centralized hub and integrates diverse marketing tools and data for smooth collaboration among teams. Moreover, with a focus on driving revenue, it prepares marketing teams with personalized messaging tools to attract quality leads and increase conversion rates.

Plus, the tool also uses AI to automate content creation and optimize return on investment, which effectively saves time and resources. Also, its advanced reporting tools offer valuable insights into the customer journey, and overall ROI aids businesses in making data-driven decisions.

9. Survicate

b2b marketing platforms - survicate

Survicate is specifically designed for surveys that simplify collecting customer feedback for businesses. This B2B marketing software can build surveys with a drag-and-drop interface without coding skills. Furthermore, marketers are facilitated by surveys across various channels such as websites, emails, links, and mobile devices for the collection of feedback at each touchpoint of the user journey.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to customize surveys to align with their brand identity and tailor questions for specific insights. The seamless integration with popular tools like HubSpot, Google Analytics, Slack, Salesforce, and others enhances user data by incorporating valuable customer feedback. Also, users can enhance their online visibility with survey response rates of around 30% and eliminate redundancy.

10. Funnel

best b2b marketing tools - funnel

Funnel is the command center for managing your marketing data to give businesses control over analytics and reporting. It streamlines data management with features like easy data collection and automatic organization without coding. Plus, marketers benefit from a complete view of their marketing performance and focus on strategic elements like effectiveness and optimization.

Additionally, it emphasizes effortless collaboration and sharing, along with success stories such as a 43% increase in return on advertising spend and significant time savings. Likewise, these incredible features make it a trustworthy and user-friendly B2B marketing platform.

Final Words

Feedeo emerges as an excellent AI tool choice for B2B marketing, where efficiency and impactful communication play crucial roles. It serves as a comprehensive platform dedicated to video messaging and providing a potent means of engaging with your audience.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface and adaptable features simplify the creation, customization, and sharing of video content. For businesses seeking an innovative and effective tool to elevate their B2B video marketing strategies, Feedeo is unquestionably a recommendation.

feedeo is the best b2b marketing tools

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