Video ads are the new norm of marketing brands as companies use them to captivate audiences through direct, unique, and visual messages. Business companies use various interactive elements to make their ads stand out. Moreover, they add elements such as humor, animation, thrill, simplicity, and more to brand their product. In this article, we’ll look at some top examples of best video ads used as marketing strategies.

15 Stunning Video Ads Examples

Videos leave a long-lasting effect on people, and that’s why business companies utilize videos to advertise their brands. Also, these video ads draw in more customers to your brand, and this keeps on generating more leads. Furthermore, the following are the top 15 stunning video ad examples that showcase storytelling, relatable content, stunning visuals, and more.

1. Apple: Perspective

video ads - apple

The Apple video ad is a unique example of using perspective visuals to demonstrate how you capture things differently. Their iconic motto, “Seen Things Differently,” showcases that this ad is for those who see things from a different angle.

Moreover, whenever the camera pans around the place, we get to understand the message the video is trying to convey. It is a dazzling video ad example that encourages us to see things in a different light.

2. Taco Bell: Web of Fries

free ad video - taco bell

This 90-second free video ad presents an ominous thriller vibe, starting with Josh Duhamel as a regular business guy. He stumbles into a dangerous conspiracy about Taco Bell nacho fries and discovers that the “Big Burger” people don’t want it to sell out.

Moreover, this is the best video ad that will win the attention of those people who love thriller movies. Also, Taco Bell nacho fries were the most successful food launch in history, with 53 million purchases.

3. Microsoft Designer: 3D Animated Video Ad

best video ads - microsoft

Microsoft has the best video ads of all time, as this ad was created in a floaty animation style. The gorgeous, vibrant colors of the ad and stunning visual elements capture your attention immediately. In addition, Microsoft has introduced a graphic design app that helps you create professional-quality social media posts, invitations, graphics, and more.

They also use 3D illustrations to showcase their AI-generated tools, such as images that provide you with rich customization options.

4. The Beginner: John Lewis & Partners

interactive video ads - john lewis

The video ad was released during the Christmas season, and it conveys a heartwarming message about committing to supporting foster youths. In the ad, the man practices day and night learning how to use a skateboard.

Moreover, as the ad progresses, you see how he’s committed to giving his best learning skateboarding as the foster teen is also interested in it. Therefore, this video ad example sends a great message that spotlights charitable partnerships and keeps a singular focus on the agenda.

5. A Better Way – DocuSign

mobile video ads - a better way

Are you looking for a better solution for managing your workflow than using white-out, printer ink, and file folders? Then, this free video ad portrays the best example of how it’s time to digitize management all in one place.

Furthermore, the ad also shows the struggles of handling all the paperwork and provides you with a better solution. Additionally, you can also make use of Feedeo, which is an interactive video ad maker, to boost your marketing efforts like DocuSign.

6. NYP: Unmasking a Killer

video ads examples - nyp

NYP video ad is about helping people fight cancer through immunotherapy treatment, and they explained the concept with a visual animated video ad. The bold use of black, red, and white colors illustrated beautifully how our bodies’ T-cells can fight cancer cells.

Additionally, every second of this video ad pulls you in with its visuals and demonstrations. Also, this ad gives a hopeful message to people suffering from cancer by saying that New York-Presbyterian Hospital can beat cancer.

7. NO MORE: Listen

video ads - no more

In this interactive video ad, we are introduced to a 911 phone call that seems like a prank call, but we quickly understand that it is a cry for help. This is a Super Bowl commercial that addresses domestic violence and sexual assault, and he hears the women’s voices.

Furthermore, if the operator hung up, she would be trapped with her husband. So, the moral of this ad was that you truly need to listen whenever there is something wrong and say “NO MORE” to violence.

8. Guinness: Welcome Back

free ad video - guinness

This is another video ad example that shows us how important it is to celebrate the moment with your friends. In addition, the song “Always On My Mind” playing in the background shows a sense of time facing us. However, you are always welcome back by Guinness as the ad uses the iconic look of Guinness glass. The ad ends with a bunch of friends coming together and enjoying the times they never got to meet during COVID-19.

9. Google: Get Back To What You Love

best video ads - google

It is a very simplistic video ad with a Google search bar display that changes text as the video progresses. Additionally, this ad sends a message that it is time to “get back to what you love” after the pandemic incident.

It is a well-made ad that elicits an emotional response by removing text such as lockdown, quarantine, and more. Plus, it does it by using a search bar, some calendar events, map listings, and great ambient sound effects.

10. Pandora: The Unique Connection

interactive video ads - pandora

Pandora is a jewelry brand; however, their charm lies in caring about the ones we love and are emotionally attached to. This free video ad demonstrates a small social experiment that celebrates the uniqueness of all women.

In the ad, the kids are blindfolded and left to find their mother by their senses, and it shows a very special message. Also, the ad perfectly captures the moment of connection between a mother and her child.

11. Twix: Camping

mobile video ads - twix

The Twix camping video ad example engages its viewers with dark humor and a humorous skit that leaves the audience laughing out loud. Moreover, the ad is about deciding where you should eat the chocolate bar, especially if you’re sharing it with someone.

So, the purpose of this ad is to show that it doesn’t matter which side you choose. Besides that, the identical brother sitting in the forest with 2 bears behind them makes up for a humorous advertisement.

12. Android: Be Together, Not the Same

video ads examples - android

Android addresses the matter of social bullying with a one-minute-long animated video featuring rock, paper, and scissors. As the paper character enters his first day at school, he’s bullied by the other paper characters.

However, scissors came to help, and the same goes with the rock character as all three stick together. So, the uplifting background music adds an engaging tone to the video ad and encourages others to stand up for others and stop bullying.

13. Skillfinity: Learn It Today

video ads - skillfinity

Skillfinity presents a hilarious animated interactive video ad that features “John,” a stick figure that is talented in most things. The narrator’s quirky remarks on John’s skills are funny and enjoyable as he explains how John knows a lot. Moreover, in the end, the narrator explains that you can be like John by learning from Skillfinity. You can learn everything “As easily and quickly as possible” with the fun way of Skillfinity.

14. The Barber: Lamborghini Christmas Story

free ad video - baber

The video ad begins with a barber whose shop isn’t doing so well, but later, his oldest customer notices this and decides to help. In the next scene, he brings his Lamborghini and parks it in front of the shop. Next thing you know, people are coming in, taking selfies with the car, and deciding to visit the barber.

Furthermore, this video ad explains that this holiday season, you should help small charities with all you have.

15. Nokia: Gulp

best video ads - nokia

This is the best mobile video ad that shows a short film called “Gulp,” filmed with Nokia N8 as “the world’s largest stop-motion animation shot.” Moreover, it was a record-breaking at an 11,000 sq. ft. set that broke the internet.

The story portrays a fisherman and his journey after being eaten by a big fish as he escapes with the help of a bomb. Therefore, the ad is truly a delightful little video ad that shows the huge possibilities you can discover while filming with a Nokia camera.

Final Words

Interactive video ads play a crucial role in marketing, as most companies advertise their brand through videos. Additionally, they can be created in storytelling, stop-motion, animation, and more. Other than that, to create such stunning video ads, you need the perfect tool to do the job, and your choice should be Feedeo. Plus, it is an AI-powered tool to create videos with an advanced avatar feature that can effortlessly create interactive videos for marketing purposes.

Furthermore, you can also personalize your video ads by collecting feedback, answering FAQs, and showcasing your brand. Also, this generates more leads, increases conversion rates, and gamifies your audience’s engagement.

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