Marketers are always looking for new ways to engage with potential customers for sales conversions. In this regard, video marketing has emerged as a beneficial medium. Moreover, businesses can utilize video marketing tools to create interactive content to win the attention of the targeted audience. In this article, we will discuss the best video marketing tools to help you select the best one that fits your brand’s needs.

How to Choose a Good Video Marketing Tool?

When choosing video marketing platforms, you always have to consider several factors before making a choice. The following are some points you need to take into consideration if you want to pick the best video marketing tool for your business growth:

  • User-Friendly Interface: You have to ensure that the video marketing tool has an intuitive interface for a smooth user experience. Besides, this helps content creators to generate videos and makes it easier for team members to use the tool effectively.
  • Editing Capabilities: Marketers should choose the tool offering a range of video editing features that meet their requirements. However, basic editing tools like trimming, cutting, and adding captions are essential. In addition, these tools should have advanced features such as transitions, special effects, and the ability to overlay graphics.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Good video marketing software should have the ability to track the performance of your videos. So, you should look for a tool that provides insights into key metrics such as views, CTR, and audience demographics.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Integration with your existing marketing tools is vital for efficiency. So, if you’re using other video editing or analytics tools, select software that can seamlessly integrate with these platforms. As a result, this integration will save time and resources by avoiding manual data transfer.

10 Best Video Marketing Software for Businesses

As discussed previously, a good video marketing strategy will help you bring more sales by engaging your audience. However, you need a perfect video marketing platform to implement this strategy. For this purpose, we are going to introduce you to the ten best video marketing tools to help you attract the targeted audience for better sales conversion.

1. Feedeo

video marketing tools - feedeo

Feedeo is an AI-powered interactive video maker that helps captivate users to boost sales. It helps you generate quality leads and ultimately bring more sales with the help of engaging video content. In addition, you can easily create and publish your marketing videos in just a few steps with this video marketing platform. Also, this tool has 6 pre-set AI avatars that present your product presentation in the way you want.

Additionally, you can hook customers face-to-face, like videos containing interactive elements. Marketers can also create video feedback surveys using this marketing platform to collect customer data. Plus, the logic feature determines the way the interactive video proceeds based on user response. So, add components like buttons, CTAs, and NPS to engage with the potential customers using Feedeo.


  • Users can make personalized AI avatars by uploading their own photos on this tool’s server.
  • Moreover, users have the option to share videos by link to email, SMS, or social media.
  • You can write your own script on this best video marketing tool, and the AI avatar will deliver that script for you.
  • In addition, marketers can make product videos to allow users to learn about the brand interactively.


  • You can only use this AI-powered video marketing tool online.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter: $19.99 per month
  • Pro: $199 per month

2. Vidyard

video marketing software - vidyard

Vidyard is a video marketing tool that lets you deliver video messages to attract the public. In this way, you can build a connection with the target audience and boost response rates. However, businesses can stand out with this amazing tool by making customized demos and personalized video brand messages. Moreover, you can send these video messages through email, LinkedIn, HubSpot, and other video-sharing platforms.

In addition to that, this video marketing platform utilizes AI to automatically find relevant leads to send personalized video emails. Additionally, you get advanced audience analytics through which you can identify and convert your leads.


  • Vidyard takes advantage of AI to record videos for marketing purposes within a few seconds.
  • With the help of this efficient marketing tool, you can optimize your video for maximum engagement.


  • The tool requires a better integration ability to share marketing videos on more platforms directly.

Pricing Plans

  • Pro: $29 per month
  • Plus: $89 per month

3. Animoto

video marketing platform - animoto

Animoto allows you to make videos that engage and impress the target audience. You do not require any training or experience to create professional marketing videos with this easy-to-use platform. Furthermore, this video marketing software has several marketing templates, including product explainers and product demos.

So, anyone can customize these templates to match their brand images and connect with target audiences. Additionally, marketers have the option to make their own brand templates for future use. Plus, you can also create screen and webcam recordings with Animoto for marketing purposes.


  • Users can get access to millions of Getty Images stock while creating videos with this video marketing platform. Plus, you also have access to thousands of licensed songs to make your video better.
  • Animoto has cloud storage that allows marketers to share and host videos through the cloud.


  • As this platform is online, it sometimes lags based on your internet connection.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic: $16 per month
  • Professional: $29 per month
  • Teams: $79 per month

4. Videowise

best video marketing tools - videowise

Videowise is an e-commerce video marketing tool that lets you create customized videos for brands and retailers. This video platform covers your online stores, mobile apps, and other video-sharing platforms to maximize your marketing potential. In addition, you can experience unmatched customization tools to add video to your site as desired. Marketers can also provide an interactive shopping experience through the engaging videos made by this tool.

Moreover, this marketing video streaming software lets you publish videos on thousands of pages at a time. Subsequently, you can even integrate this tool with platforms like Shopify and Salesforce to bring in more sales.


  • Videowise helps you make low-script embedded videos to boost your site speed.
  • It also provides commerce-centric video analytics to improve your video performance.


  • The pricing of this video marketing software is on the higher side, making it expensive for small businesses.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter: $99 per month
  • Scale: $249 per month
  • Pro: $449 per month

5. Powtoon

video streaming software market - powtoon

Powtoon has made creating engaging and impactful videos a whole lot easier. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this video marketing tool empowers you to tell compelling stories through its user-friendly platform. Moreover, you do not need any design or tech skills to start making videos that grab attention.

So, with a wide range of animated characters and templates, this tool lets you work smarter, not harder. Furthermore, this video marketing platform also provides backgrounds and soundtracks for effective video-making. Marketers can easily build brand image and create explainer product videos that resonate with the public.


  • This video platform has over 15 thousand animated assets to boost your video-making experience.
  • You can even capture your face to quickly deliver a video message with the help of this marketing video streaming software.


  • You only get 5 premium exports without a watermark if you are using the Lite version of Powtoon.

Pricing Plans

  • Lite: $50 per month
  • Professional: $190 per month

6. Wondershare Filmora

video marketing tools - filmora

Filmora stands out as an industry-leading video editing software, boosting your video marketing strategies to new heights. Besides, with its captivating visual effects, including animated titles and text, your campaigns ensure audience engagement and increased conversions. Moreover, the green screen effects of this tool integrate your brand into any setting to increase online visibility.

In addition, marketers can utilize multi-track editing, speed control, and seamless transitions to make compelling ads for their brands. However, you can also utilize the background noise removal and mixing capabilities of this tool to guarantee a memorable viewing experience.


  • Wondershare Filmora lets marketers integrate their photos and videos into an engaging marketing video without any skills.
  • You can make your brand message stand out with the help of countless visual effects offered by this tool.


  • The new updates released by this video marketing tool contain several bugs that affect the video creation experience.

Pricing Plans

  • Subscription: $19.99 per month
  • Cross-Platform: $69.99 per year
  • Perpetual: $79.99

7. Vimeo

video marketing software - vimeo

Vimeo offers a suite of powerful video marketing tools to elevate your business. Brands can create stronger connections with stunning virtual events and webinars using this platform. Moreover, you can boost engagement and turn event recordings into evergreen content through advanced editing features. Also, marketers can enhance the productivity of video campaigns by organizing your video library and providing time-coded feedback.

In addition, you can enable faster content discovery with automatic transcriptions and caption searches using this video marketing platform. Subsequently, this platform also tracks progress and measures the impactful influence of video marketing campaigns on your business.


  • Marketers can make interactive videos for your brand to engage potential customers for sales conversions.
  • Vimeo is an ad-free marketing video streaming software that allows you a seamless experience.


  • This video platform offers limited video creations and uploads in all of its plans except Enterprise.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter: $20 per seat/month
  • Standard: $33 per seat/month
  • Advance: $108 per seat/month

8. Biteable

video marketing platform - biteable

Biteable is a trusted platform that empowers marketing teams to create scroll-stopping videos that captivate audiences. This video marketing platform can boost engagement with short and impactful content. Additionally, it helps in every stage of the marketing funnel through on-brand video templates. So, with customizable animations, Biteable enables marketing teams to tell their stories to achieve remarkable results.

Marketers can create a wide range of videos, including ads and announcement videos, to promote your brand. Furthermore, this video marketing platform provides you with everything you need to put your business on a digital map.


  • Its user-friendly interface and intelligent tools allow anyone to produce professional videos without any experience.
  • Also, this video marketing software has thousands of photos and video clips on its platform.


  • Biteable lacks options when it comes to the background audio for marketing videos.

Pricing Plans

  • Pro: $99 per month
  • Premium: $199 per month

9. Movavi

best video marketing tools - movavi

Movavi is a game-changer for business productivity with its AI-integrated video editing features. With millions of users and support in 14 languages across 200+ countries, it’s a global favorite. Plus, it offers powerful video editing, enabling users to enhance footage with creative effects and customizable captions. Moreover, the screen recording feature facilitates software demos, tutorials, and even recording webinars for marketing purposes.

In addition to these editing features, Movavi allows you to remove video backgrounds with AI capabilities. So, you can even remove the noise from your marketing videos to make them sound more professional.


  • Additionally, it simplifies media file conversion, allowing users to compress and transfer files effortlessly.
  • This video marketing platform is the go-to solution for businesses seeking user-friendly video creation tools.


  • You may face lagging while trying to edit large-sized videos using this video marketing tool.


  • Video Editor: $49.95 per year
  • Video Editor + Effect Packs: $69.95 per year
  • Video Suite + Effect Packs: $94.95 per year

10. Wistia

video streaming software market  -wistia

Wistia is a video marketing platform that caters to every aspect of video creation, hosting, and performance measurement. With its live video editing, it simplifies the creation of product videos, tutorials, and webinars directly from the platform. Also, its secure video hosting ensures quick loading and contributes to improved search engine rankings.

It has in-video contact capture forms and calls-to-action features to aid prospect nurturing. In addition, this video marketing software also provides detailed video data analytics. So, this feature allows businesses to shape their strategies based on viewer behavior.


  • Wistia seamlessly integrates with other marketing tools to streamline workflows for effective video marketing.
  • Moreover, this marketing video streaming software has a clean and professional interface.


  • Wistia lacks customization options for more on-brand marketing videos.

Pricing Plans

  • Plus: $24 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month
  • Advanced: $399 per month


Through this article, you are introduced to some of the best video marketing tools available. If you use any of these tools, it will surely help you to improve the results of your video marketing campaigns. However, Feedeo should be your preferred choice if you want the best return on investment. Moreover, with its cost-effective marketing solution and efficient features, this AI-powered video marketing platform will surely bring profits to your business.

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