As we near 2024, the dynamics of video advertising trends are continually changing while bringing new possibilities and hurdles. Businesses deal with challenges like grabbing attention and keeping up with technology in today’s digital world. So, marketers must keep up with video marketing trends to build trust and create campaigns that truly connect with their audience. In this article, we’ll be thoroughly discussing the top 10 video marketing trends you should know in 2024.

10 Video Advertising Trends to Look Out in 2024

Businessmen should remain ahead of the game to leave a lasting impression on their potential consumers. Therefore, it is essential to formulate persuasive and successful video marketing approaches. Additionally, these video trends encompass short-form videos and interactive content to boost the growth rate by personalizing their message. Let’s explore the top 10 video advertising trends to look out for in 2024 in the following section.

1. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are in demand nowadays, as they elevate viewer engagement through active participation and personalized user experiences. They enhance deeper connections and enables users to make a well-informed decision. Moreover, businesses can not only maintain viewer interest but also gather valuable data by incorporating elements like clickable links, quizzes, and polls.

In addition, platforms such as Feedeo facilitate the creation of interactive content to help you get user feedback. It significantly enhances viewer engagement and ultimately contributes to the success of marketing campaigns. Furthermore, this video trend is a leader in video marketing due to its capacity to encourage the active involvement of customers.

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2. Behind the Scene Videos

It can be a highly beneficial marketing hack if you offer your customers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your company’s process. Through this video advertising trend, you can showcase the dedicated individuals behind the product or services. Moreover, this strategy demonstrates transparency and highlights the passion and hard work invested in meeting customer needs.

Plus, businesses can influence people with amusing blooper reels and add a touch of humor to make a connection with the public. By doing so, you let users explore diverse angles of your company by providing a swift tour of your facilities and the production process of the product. Moreover, these behind-the-scenes insights not only increase a sense of connection but also offer customers an understanding of the values of business operations.

3. Product Teaser

Product teaser is one of the video marketing trends of 2024 that proves to be very effective in generating anticipation for your offerings. It works best when you share these videos on platforms that are already accustomed to short videos, like TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube Shorts. Additionally, these platforms have lots of viewers who enjoy quick and snappy content.

If you use these channels, it allows you to tap into diverse user bases and capitalize on the preferences of each platform’s audience. Moreover, businesses can boost customer engagement by actively seeking feedback on new products beyond creating excitement. If you get their opinions, it not only makes them feel important but also provides valuable insights for product improvement.

4. Short-Form Video Content

A short-form video is a video that is less than 3 minutes long. This shorter duration becomes a convenient option for the 30% of marketers who feel pressed for time when creating video content. The shorter videos are not only quicker to produce, but they also boast a better Return on Investment (ROI) compared to longer videos. Furthermore, there’s a wide variety of engaging short-form video types to choose from.

Brands can put together funny sketches related to their identity or demonstrate how their products work. Moreover, you can showcase customer testimonials and more. It allows businesses to capture attention, convey messages swiftly, and make a memorable impact on their audience. These video forms are apt for mobile consumption and social media platforms with an opportunity for massive sharing of content.

5. Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are now a leading video advertising trend that has revolutionized how businesses engage with audiences. These videos seamlessly integrate e-commerce features and enable viewers to make purchases directly while watching. Moreover, this trend aligns with the increasing consumer preference for simplified shopping experiences and instant satisfaction.

Major platforms empower businesses to showcase products within videos and facilitate a seamless transition to the purchasing process. Plus, shoppable videos also furnish marketers with valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences. As businesses explore inventive approaches to boost conversions, shoppable videos emerge as a vibrant and effective strategy.

6. Vlogging

Vlogging, which initially started as a personal content creation method, has evolved into a significant video marketing trend. First appearing on YouTube in 2005, it was initially popular among bloggers and influencers aiming for a more personal connection with their audience. Nowadays, businesses are strategically adopting vlogging in their marketing strategies to humanize their brand.

Additionally, this trend responds to the modern consumer’s desire to see the more human side of companies. For this purpose, companies often use a “Day in the Life” vlog, where team members take over social media to share insights into their roles. This strategy offers a transparent view of operations and nurtures a deeper connection with the audience.

7. Video Animation

Animated videos have become a vibrant trend in video advertising trends, which places creativity and engagement at the forefront. Businesses are increasingly utilizing video animations to narrate compelling stories to elucidate the complex concepts of products or services. Moreover, video animation comes in various forms, from introductory explainer videos crafted with DIY editing tools to utilizing AI tools like Feedeo.

Feedeo serves as a versatile platform for brand storytelling and allows companies to infuse personality into their messaging. In addition, this avenue not only allows for visually appealing results but also adds a fun and engaging dimension to product promotion. It’s super engaging and helps marketers leave a lasting impression in the world of video marketing.

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8. Live Streaming

Live streaming is now a pivotal video trend in marketing, as almost 23.7% of mobile users engage in live streams on social media. This real-time broadcasting of video content over the internet enables you to share live events, presentations, and multimedia. Additionally, it allows businesses to instantly interact with their audience to address questions and concerns through announcements.

The significance of live streaming in 2024 lies in its capacity for immediate audience engagement through real-time comments and feedback. Moreover, it enhances brand authenticity through live content capitalizing on the power of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for deeper connections. You can use a prompt, interactive, and genuine method for connecting with viewers during your visual presence.

9. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality integrates the digital and real world to enhance user perception and interaction with their environment. It overlays digital elements in the real world in real-time. However, it is commonly facilitated through smartphones, smart glasses, or wearable devices. Plus, AR stands out as a crucial video marketing trend due to its ability to captivate viewers and make them active participants.

Moreover, it excels in product demonstrations and enhances the audience’s understanding of features and benefits within their environments. Furthermore, businesses can elevate storytelling by integrating virtual elements into real-world scenarios with a richer and more memorable experience. Unlike virtual reality, you can create compelling narratives with the powerful infusion of fiction with reality.

10. LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn is recognized as a professional social media hub with 722 million users that is primarily driven by job-seeking activities. Beyond its traditional role as a job-hunting platform and repository, it has announced a strategic move towards B2B video marketing. Furthermore, this shift opens up new ways for businesses to utilize video content to attract potential clients and customers.

Additionally, the incorporation of video content emerges as a valuable tool for businesses. This helps them stand out and effectively engage their audience. While LinkedIn’s evolving video trend impact is unclear, the success on other platforms emphasizes its importance for video marketing trends in 2024.


To wrap up the discussion, we conclude that it is crucial to stay ahead in this digital era for e-commerce businesses. As consumers increasingly engage with videos, integrating video marketing into your strategy is essential to reach your target audience effectively. Additionally, we found the top 10 video marketing trends of 2024 to stand out in the market. Users can utilize the AI-integrated tool Feedeo, which streamlines their video-making process and aligns with the brand message and identity.

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