People use websites and social media platforms to buy products in this digital era. Besides, some people even read reviews of products from different social media platforms before buying them. Video advertising is an effective way to attract the audience to your product. Apart from that, you can keep your audience engaged with your brand and product through online video advertising. In this article, we will familiarize you with different video advertising techniques and trends.

What is Video Advertising?

Video advertising is a marketing approach that helps businesses improve their performance efficiently. It is a way to promote the service or product of brands with short, engaging marketing clips. Likewise, this video content for marketing is distributed by digital platforms, including websites and social media, to engage the targeted audience. In addition to that, video advertisements help to reach a wider audience as several people use digital platforms these days.

Besides, businesses make a strategy for video content that aligns with their marketing goals. Also, the content may include guides and customer testimonials regarding the product or service. Moreover, brands can concisely convey the information to the audience and increase revenue. Online video advertising allows the business to connect with customers in an impactful and memorable way.

Why is Video Advertising Important?

After you have an idea of what video advertising is, it is necessary to know its importance, too. Increasing brand awareness and educating customers with captivating visual stories is essential. In addition, brands can achieve their targeted marketing goals and increase sales. Also, some essential points that further clarify its importance in the businesses and brands are given below:

  • SEO Benefits: Search engines prioritize the video or multimedia content in search results. This means posting video content on a website increases the possibility of your content appearing. Furthermore, increase the visibility of the content to your targeted audience.
  • Improved Conversion Rate: Digital video advertising increases the conversion rate with interesting visual storytelling and compels call-to-action. Additionally, with the help of a compelling hook and interesting thumbnails, captivate the audience in the first few seconds.
  • Demonstration of Product/Service: Videos are the best way to effectively demonstrate the product and service to the audience. Plus, the video content can easily understand the functionality and value of the product. So, increase the trust and reliability of customers in the brand product or service.
  • Measurable Metrics: The digital platforms give complete analytics for video campaigns. Businesses can track the performance with views, click-through rates, and customer demographics. Plus, this allows them to adjust to this data and improve overall performance.

Types of Video Ads

Online video advertising reaches a vast audience through social media platforms as they favor the video content. Depending on the customer’s and the market’s needs, brands have to create different kinds of video content. The different types of video ads ensure that additional market requirements are fulfilled. The types of video advertisements are explained in the section below.

1. Interactive Video Ads

Interactive video ads are used to engage the viewers actively with the content of the video. However, the video may even contain clickable elements or interactive features to increase the customers’ interest. Feedeo is an exclusive advanced feature tool that helps users make interactive videos for their viewers. In addition to that, they can add MCQs and thumbs up/down to engage the audience.

2. Tutorial and How-To Videos

Marketing teams sometimes make videos to educate customers regarding their product or service. These videos include instructions on product features or tutorials to use the product effectively. Luckily, the AI-powered tool Feedeo provides AI-avatar images and voices to make customized tutorial videos. Moreover, you can deliver the message by filling the script content with the required information.

 video advertising with feedeo

3. Social Media Video Ads

The requirement of video content for social media platforms is different, with unique specifications. It may contain stories, ads, in-feed videos, and live video ads to enhance viewer interaction. Furthermore, this video advertisement includes DIY and visually appealing videos for social media users. Plus, you can also attract customers within seconds on social media with high-quality cinematic videos.

4. Product Demonstration Videos

Product demonstration video ads are used to showcase the product benefits more comprehensively. Moreover, this video highlights major points about the product used to fulfill the customers’ needs. Additionally, with this type of video, users get features and other specification information about the product or service of the brand. It makes marketing easy as viewers get a detailed idea of the product with this digital video advertising.

5. Bumper Ads

Businesses usually make bumper ads to give a quick impression of the brand and attract customers. Bumper ads are non-skippable video ads that remain for 60 seconds to deliver a focused message. Also, this online video advertising is part of a broader advertising strategy. Likewise, mobile-friendly and short-duration ads convey information more effortlessly and efficiently.

Benefits and Challenges of Video Advertising

The video advertising examples tell how they meet the different and dynamic expectations of the market. Digital video advertising ensures interaction and collaboration with the customers in an impactful way. Apart from that, you should consider the benefits and challenges of video advertising. So, the following are some of the benefits and challenges of video advertising.


  • Engagement of Audience: Video ads are an effective way to engage the targeted audience quickly and easily. The video content might strike the emotional connectivity of the audience, which increases the impact of the advertisement. Besides that, a brand can powerfully convey the message to the audience.
  • Effective Storytelling: Marketing teams can deliver complex and lengthy information with video advertising. Also, they captivate viewers by adding emotions, visuals, and narrative techniques. In addition to that, the audience can make a deeper connection with the brand story.
  • Brand Awareness: Businesses use video advertisements to enhance brand awareness. The creative video helps the viewers identify the brand and buy the product and service. Also, it is a way to ensure that viewers remember the brands before buying certain products.
  • Cost-Effective Advertising: The advertising video can be created with free or low-price tools to make marketing cost-effective for brands. Moreover, many social media platforms offer cost-effective advertising options for videos. In contrast, other marketing activities are time-consuming and expensive.


  • Attention Span: The biggest challenge in video advertisement is maintaining viewers’ attention. As the video ads are short spans, capturing the audience’s video for a long time is difficult. Furthermore, marketers must create content that engages the audience in just a few seconds.
  • Platform Fragmentation: Requirements and video formats differ on platforms such as social media and websites. It may be time-consuming to adjust the content of the video to different formats and platform requirements. Additionally, this process sometimes affects the quality of content.
  • Ad Blocking: Users sometimes employ ad blockers to avoid interfering with ads, which is also a challenge for video advertising. This ad-blocking process limits the video’s reach to the audience. Also, affects the purpose of a product marketing campaign negatively.
  • Technical Challenges: Some technical issues, including slow internet connection and device compatibility, can be challenging. Plus, playback errors also impact the viewer’s experience and the effectiveness of video advertising. Viewers skip videos that run slowly or create problems with their devices.

How to Make Good Video Advertising

Creating a good and interactive video for advertising is important for brands. The interactive video attracts the targeted audience and fulfills the business’ marketing goals. In addition, some points should be considered while creating an interactive video for advertisement. These points are explained in the below section to help you make a creative and best video advertisement.

1. Define the Goal for Video Ads

Defining the goal is the first crucial aspect to consider in making creative video ads. Clearly define the objective of video making to guide you in the content creation process. Other than that, you get the idea of where your focus should be when creating the content of the video. The purpose may be driving website traffic, increasing brand awareness, and boosting sales.

2. Know the Targeted Audience

Defining the goal is not enough for good and interactive video advertising. The brands need to know the targeted audience as it helps to understand their behavior and interests. Moreover, you can create a video that fulfills their needs and preferences after getting to know the audience. Addressing the needs of the audience also engages them and meets the marketing goals.

3. Create a Storyline and Choose Format

After knowing the targeted audience’s needs and preferences, create a narrative for video content. You should create a compelling storyline for the video to attract the viewers. Furthermore, choose a format for the video that is visually appealing to the customers. Plus, choosing the right format helps you to adjust the content of the video and present it efficiently.

4. Keep it Simple and Concise

The attention span of the audience is short in this online video advertising. So, it is essential to keep the information in the video simple and concise to deliver a message while keeping the audience’s attention. Additionally, viewers skip content that has complex or detailed information. Keeping the video concise and simple perfectly conveys the message to the targeted audience.

Trends and Innovations in the Feature of Video Advertising

Digital video advertising is not enough for marketing purposes; brands need to adapt to trends and innovation. Incorporating the latest trends in video advertising ensures that the audience remains engaged with your brands. Let’s discuss the trends and innovations in the features of video advertising.

1. Interactive Elements Video Trends

There is a trend of making interactive videos by adding interesting elements to video ads. Moreover, the element can be AI-avatar with selected voices to engage the viewers. For this, Feedeo can help you to make customized digital avatars in video.

online video advertising tool

2. FAQs and MCQs Video Ads

Adding FAQs and MCQs in marketing videos is an innovative feature of video advertising. This trend keeps the customers engaged in the video, and they remember this interactive experience. Furthermore, an online tool like Feedeo provides the AI-powered feature to add these elements to the video.

3. Live Streaming and Real-Time Interaction

Live streaming video ads on different social media platforms have been popular and in trend these days. Businesses can use live streams to launch their products with real-time interactive videos. Other than that, the audience feels engaged with this kind of real-time interaction.

4. Vertical Video Formats

Creating video advertisements in vertical formats helps the mobile user to see the video easily. However, with the help of this format, mobile users do not skip the ad as it is already adjustable on mobile screens. In addition to that, this trending element captivates the audience with stunning video ad visuals.

Final Words

Thus, video advertising is an effective video marketing strategy to market your product and service. It helps to engage the audience and concisely deliver the message. Additionally, there are different video advertising examples that we discussed above in the article.

Brands should consider the challenges of video advertisement to cope with them. Also, using Feedeo, businesses can incorporate some creative features in video advertisements to remain popular. These include getting feedback through ratings, smiley faces, or thumbs up.

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