Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing content creation and consumption, particularly for marketers and digital creators. Notably, it extends its influence to generating new visual content in minutes, including videos and photos. So, for this purpose, AI video generator is gaining popularity in making SEO-optimized videos for reaching target audiences with just a few text prompts. However, we’ll familiarize you with the best AI video makers and the functionalities that make them perfect video generators.

What is an AI Video Generator?

AI video generators are cutting-edge tools that empower users to create video clips, even without prior expertise or experience. Moreover, these tools utilize artificial intelligence to analyze our text input and construct the entire video content from the ground up. In addition, they’re getting trendy because they can make outstanding videos faster than humans.

Furthermore, AI video tools start with user-input text prompts and utilize text-to-speech for voiceovers. The AI then creates scenes based on these voiceovers by using preset templates. Besides, it selects the most suitable scenes and images through a computer vision algorithm. Moreover, some tools incorporate AI avatars and allow customization of characters’ behaviors, skin colors, and gender for a more engaging and tailored persona.

What Makes a Good AI Video Maker?

As technology gets better, AI video tools have become game-changers. Moreover, they use advanced algorithms to make video creation faster and more creative for everyone. Thus, in the following section, let’s discuss the key aspects of what makes a good AI video maker.

  • Ease of Use: The user interface of an AI video maker should be friendly and intuitive to ensure easy navigation for beginners and experienced users. Additionally, it involves well-organized menu structures, a toolbar, and controls to guide users through the software seamlessly.
  • Customization Options: Users should comprehensively control different facets of video creation procedures. Likewise, AI video creator should allow them to customize content according to their specific requirements, such as fonts, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and styles for text overlays.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: An AI video tool should achieve a harmonious blend of features, performance, and affordability. Furthermore, potential pricing structures include one-time payments, subscription arrangements, or free choices to empower users to select a plan that suits their financial constraints and usage needs.
  • High-Quality Output: It should be capable of creating videos in resolutions such as HD and 4K for maximum clarity for diverse platforms. Additionally, it should maintain a high degree of detail and sharpness in AI-generated video for clear visuals.

Top 10 AI Video Generators Comparison

A variety of choices claim to have unique features with the growing demand for AI video software. So, we have conducted a detailed comparison of the top 10 AI video makers to assist you in making the right choice. Above all, whether you’re a content creator or marketer, this comparison will guide you in selecting the AI video maker that suits your needs.

AI Video GeneratorBest ForPlatform SupportFree Plan
FeedeoInteractive Videos, User Engagement, Marketing Ads, Recruitment Videos, E-commerce Videos, Educational VideosOnlineAll features can be used in the free version
Deepbrain AIHow-to Videos, Training VideosDesktop, Online  1-minute video credits after logging in
Descript Podcasts, Video TranscriptionWindows, Mac1 video export per month, 720p resolution
Invideo AIBeginner Video Editing, Social Media VideosOnline10 minutes per week, Only 4 exports per week
Runway Professional AI Video GenerationOnline, iOS125 Credits, Video-to-Video up to 4 seconds, 720p resolution
FlikiMarketing and Social Media VideosOnline5 minutes of video credits/month, 720p Resolution Videos
Opus ClipOnline Content CreationOnline60 minutes free upload per month, exported videos have a watermark
ColossyanDigital Presentations, Tutorial VideosOnline5 minutes of free video creation, output with a watermark Marketing Videos, Streaming Videos  Online  15-minute output with watermark, free templates
KapwingBranding Videos, Social Media ReelsOnlineUnlimited exports with watermark, Video length up to 4 minutes

Best 10 AI Video Creators for Marketing

In the fast-changing world of marketing, artificial intelligence has changed the way we make content. However, if you want customization, the ability to grow, or good overall performance, you need a perfect AI video creator for marketing. So, we’ve made a list of the top 10 AI video creators to help marketers find the best AI video generator.

1. Feedeo

ai video generator - feedeo

Feedeo serves as the best AI video generator for its top-notch editing features that are powered by artificial intelligence. Likewise, marketers can captivate their potential consumers by making well-crafted interactive videos and enhancing their engagement. Moreover, it allows you to gamify your product videos to provide an exceptional experience that ultimately generates leads.

Additionally, users can create an AI avatar using this AI video tool to make their brand unique and recognized. So, these digital avatars deliver your message, capture attention, and drive sales through engaging face-to-face conversations. In addition to that, you have the option to generate audio content automatically for your published video. It can be done by filling in the script with the message you want to convey to your buyers.

Key Features

  • The AI avatar video generator lets users modify the answer types of customers in different formats, including NPS, short text, basic introduction, 5-stars, and a smiley face.
  • Above all, users can access different voiceover categories, including Sara-Cheerful, Tony-Professional, Monica-Calm, and many more.
  • Moreover, it enables you to publish your video across different platforms by integrating links, interactive elements, and hotspots.
  • Most importantly, in the components section, you can customize your call-to-action text by adding your desired text in the prompt box.
  • You can also use this innovative and robust AI video generator to create videos directly from the uploaded images or videos.

2. Deepbrain AI

ai generated video - deepbrain

Deepbrain AI is a text-to-video AI generator that creates videos with its integrated ChatGPT feature. Therefore, it lets you write a topic or question that you want to create for your marketing video. Further, you can get pre-designed templates, including business, e-commerce, health, and news, that resonate with your brand voice. Additionally, it provides ready-made images, videos, shapes, and audio that you can search to meet your requirements.

Key Features

  • It offers you over 41 different digital avatars to share messages with the customers and collect their responses.
  • Also, you can access different customization features for altering font style, size, alignment, color, and animation effects.
  • Moreover, Deepbrain AI supports multiple text-to-speech languages to help you create marketing videos in your local language.

3. Descript

free ai video generator - descript

Descript gives a simple, intuitive, and friendly video editing solution where you can add dozens of powerful effects, animation presets, and transitions. Besides, this AI video tool transcribes your recordings with an automation process that allows you to edit and arrange different visuals like a document. Moreover, you can have access to premium stock media and an AI-powered green screen for elevating your promotional videos.

Key Features

  • The AI text-to-speech feature creates your voice clone or assigns a stock AI voice to generate new audio from texts.
  • On the other hand, if you want to remove filler words such as “ums,” “uhs,” and “you know,” you can access the AI effects feature to remove them and make your video professional.
  • Additionally, a social post writer feature enables you to generate social posts with AI in a variety of writing styles with hashtags and necessary elements.

4. InVideo AI

ai video maker - invideo ai

InVideo AI provides you with high-quality and publish-worthy AI-generated videos with the prompts you entered using this tool. Also, users can select their workflow from the available categories of YouTube shorts, YouTube explainers, recent events videos, and script-to-video. Furthermore, it allows you to select the voice for your videos in different accents of America, California, Southern, and many more.

Key Features

  • Marketers can also publish their videos across platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, to promote their products.
  • Moreover, users can perform additional editing features of media and scripts by giving commands to this AI tool.
  • In addition, it offers over 16 million stock videos to save hours of valuable time and take the hassle out of creation.

5. Runway

text to video ai generator - runway

Runway is a multimodal AI system that generates innovative videos with the help of text, images, or different video clips. That is to say, with this AI video software, you can change the style of a video with images or texts and elevate the training process through different portraits. Additionally, users can upscale their videos by increasing resolutions and adjusting the depth of the field of videos with its innovative capabilities.

Key Features

  • AI magic tools let you ideate, generate, and innovatively edit the content of video to enhance customer viewing experience.
  • Meanwhile, with its innovative video-to-video feature, you can change the style of a video using some simple text or image prompts.
  • Furthermore, it transcribes any video to text and text into a video and creates subtitles for your videos with an automation process.

6. Fliki

ai video creator - fliki

Fliki revolutionizes marketing and social media strategies by leveraging AI technology and creating SEO-optimized videos. Subsequently, sellers can generate their promo videos and turn their marketing scripts into engaging ads. Moreover, you can engage the audience with various social media videos, including memes. Certainly, it not only generates videos through texts but allows you to turn your ideas into lifelike videos by assessing your voice, tone, and style.

Key Features

  • The blog-to-video feature of this tool turns blog posts into compelling videos with scrip-based editing to elevate your content.
  • Also, the AI animation video generator transforms your static PPTs into high-quality dynamic videos, saving you time and effort.
  • Further, it offers over 2000 humanlike voices in almost 75 languages that can be further customized by controlling pitch, pauses, and rate in your speech.

7. Opus Clip

best ai video generator - opus clip

Opus Clip uses smart AI organization to help you easily pick and arrange content to make video creation faster and more personalized. Moreover, the AI video generator repurposes your long-talk videos into various viral short clips for free by dropping a video link or uploading files from your systems. Additionally, you can check for the virality score with its innovative feature that gives you the best result after analyzing thousands of viral videos.

Key Features

  • OpusClip’s auto-reframe feature adjusts your videos automatically to fit different screens and ensures your content looks great on all platforms.
  • Furthermore, it employs AI to suggest the right keywords and emojis for your videos and gives an organic boost by adding expressive elements effortlessly.
  • AI dynamic layout makes your screen look exciting by automatically switching between different layouts like full screen, 2-person, 3-person, screenshare, and more.

8. Colossyan

ai animation video generator - colossyan

Colossyan gives crystal-clear captioning to your videos quickly and levels up audience engagement up to 40% by utilizing its subtitle feature. Subsequently, the AI video generator from texts supports over 70 languages and generates a message that hits hard in your narrative tongue by inputting texts. Besides, marketers will be able to reach customers around the world in their language. Plus, you can make different variants of your projects within the same draft.

Key Features

  • AI script assistance of this software helps in brainstorming ideas and strengthens your message by rectifying errors and accelerating video production.
  • You can adjust fonts and colors to match your brand identity by using the Brand Kit on this tool.
  • Additionally, it generates lifelike voiceovers from text and diverse accents by leveraging the cooperation of AI technology and the warmth of human voices.


ai video tool - wave video primarily functions as a text-to-video AI generator that allows you to turn blog posts, articles, and text files into videos. However, you can easily scale your videos between social media platforms by replacing templates with your own to make them personalized. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface enables you to create and edit videos regardless of your level of expertise and design skills.

Key Features

  • The web-based toolkit can easily be accessed through any browser anywhere in the world due to its highly compatible nature.
  • Also, this AI video creator can create video landing pages, videos for emails, embed videos on websites, and many more.
  • With this tool, you can live stream your videos on different social platforms like YouTube and Facebook and increase your global reach.

10. Kapwing

ai video software - kapwing

Kapwing, a cloud-based AI video tool, creates videos for you with thousands of templates and copyright-free videos, images, and GIFs. In addition, its text-to-speech feature lets users provide professional voiceover to their marketing videos. Thus, this tool automatically gives subtitles or captions and translates videos in seconds. Additionally, it is a trustworthy website that encrypts your information and never spams and sells your information to anyone else in the market.

Key Features

  • The resize canvas feature of this tool allows you to adjust the video aspect ratio to the right size for every social platform.
  • It enhances collaborative editing by allowing teams to create, edit, and share in workspaces in real-time to improve productivity.
  • Moreover, you can use the split tools feature of this AI tool to edit the length of your video clip by dragging the timeline handles to cut silences and rearrange them.


We conclude that AI video generators craft a variety of videos to ensure innovative content creation across different sectors. Thus, we learned the significance of these video content creators in the modern world and their functionalities. In addition, we explored the parameters that decide what makes a good AI video maker and compared different tools along with their capabilities and pricing. Finally, we found Feedeo to be the best AI video generator among other alternatives due to its exceptional features at an affordable price.

smart interactive video generator

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AI Video Generators FAQ

Q1: How does an AI Video Generator enhance the video production process?

AI Video Generators streamline video production by automating time-consuming tasks such as animation, editing, and adding effects. They enable rapid content creation, often with minimal human input, thus significantly reducing production time and effort.

Q2: What are the limitations of using an AI Video Generator compared to traditional video editing?

While AI Video Generators offer efficiency and ease of use, they may lack the nuanced creativity and judgment of a skilled human editor. They might struggle with highly specific or creative requests that require a deep understanding of context, subtlety, and storytelling nuances.

Q3: Are AI Video Generators user-friendly for individuals without extensive video editing experience?

Most AI Video Generators are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making them accessible to individuals with varying levels of video editing experience. They often feature intuitive interfaces and guided processes, allowing beginners to create professional-quality videos with ease.