Video-making is an art that demands a set of skills to produce visually appealing content of high quality. Nevertheless, with the advent of AI, even novices can now create captivating videos with just a few simple steps. To acquire the knowledge of utilizing AI for video production, users need to have a thorough understanding of how AI video generation tools operate. This article aims to introduce Feedeo AI for video creation.

Why Do You Need to Use AI to Make Videos?

As mentioned before, video-making needs a certain level of expertise to get the desired output. Nevertheless, even skilled professionals need tools to create videos with AI for better efficiency. Moreover, users can get the following benefits from such AI video generation tools:

  • Automated Editing: AI video maker makes editing process by automating tasks like cutting, trimming, and assembling clips. In addition, it can analyze videos to identify key scenes and moments to save time for editors.
  • Enhanced Visual Effects: Professionals can make use of AI technologies to generate realistic visual effects, including CGI elements and animations. As a result, they will need to spend less time and resources needed for complex visual effects in videos.
  • Content Generation: You can get help from AI to generate script ideas, write content, and even provide voiceovers. As a result, this use case becomes especially important when you need to create AI videos on a large scale.

How to Make AI Videos with Feedeo

Feedeo is a powerful, captivating tool that helps users showcase their products by generating interactive videos. This tool uses AI-powered video marketing tools to create videos that hook up your customers within seconds. Also, users can unleash their marketing value by creating engaging videos with face-to-face videos that feature digital avatars.

create ai video with feedeo

Additionally, you can create videos with AI to accelerate your hiring process, as it offers personalized videos with different elements. With the use of these dynamic interactive videos, you can boost your sales and empower self-service that cuts down costs. In addition to that, users can create online learning videos that increase student engagement, accessibility, and comprehension for students.

Key Features

  • You can choose from various AI avatars to create AI videos and face-to-face interactions that capture the viewer’s attention and enhance branding.
  • Feedeo provides users with a rich collection of immersive components and allows you to collect customer feedback through these videos.
  • Also, another feature allows you to customize your responses to interactive elements in your videos by setting up the logic. This will help tailor the user experience and guide them through these videos.
  • To create videos with AI, use the Feedeo script writing feature that simplifies the process of generating content for your videos.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create Unique and Engaging AI Videos

If you are thinking about how to use AI to create videos, this section will surely clarify your confusion. Here, we have explained the easiest method to create AI video with the help of the best free ai video generator:

Step 1: Access the Feedeo Website and Sign into Your Google Account

First, you have to access the Feedeo by Spreading website on your favored browser. Afterward, hit the “Get Started for Free” button on the top right side of the screen. Next, sign into your Google account to access the video generation features of this efficient tool.

Step 2: Choose Your Video Category

After accessing the main interface of this AI software to create videos, press the “Create Video” button. Now, you will see a new pop-up window from where you can click the “All” tab to access every available interactive video type. Here, you can choose the “Lead Generation” video type to enter the video editing window of this software.

start to create ai videos

Step 3: Adjust the Video Settings for Optimized Experience

Once you have entered this window, click on the “Video” in the right-side panel to choose your “Virtual Avatar,” “Voice,” and “Language” as per needs. Afterward, write the message you want to convey to the viewers through this video in the “Script” section.

how to make ai videos with avatar

Step 4: Add the Components to Make Your Videos Interactive

On completing the video settings, click the “Components” tab and add the required components to your video. Here, you get the choice to select the “Title,” “Answer Type,” and “Call to Action Text” to make the process more interactive. You can also set the title to “Display on Video.

ai software to create interactive videos

Step 5: Set Logic Redirects and Publish Video

Moreover, you can also set up video redirects based on the user response using the “Logic” feature. Select the redirects from the “Next Page” drop-down menu, and finally, hit the “Publish” button to successfully create an AI video with this tool.

create and publish ai video

Tips for Creating Interactive AI Videos

Now you know how to make AI videos with the help of Feedeo. Let’s move on to get the know-how of the tips to make these AI videos even better:

  • Define Your Objectives: First and foremost, you have to clearly define the goals and objectives of your video. In addition to that, determine what you want to achieve with the help of this video.
  • Write Script with AI Tools: Users can make use of the GPT-integrated model to write scripts that deliver their message to the public. Many AI tools are available in the market that lets you create videos with AI scriptwriting abilities.
  • Personalize the Video Content: Marketers can benefit from AI-powered video tools to gather user data and optimize the video content accordingly. In this way, they can enhance viewer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Select the Right AI Video Creator: Last but not least, you have to select the AI video creation tool that provides all the options to optimize your video creation process. In this regard, Feedeo is one of the best AI video generators.

Enhance Your Video Marketing with Feedeo

After going through this article, you will be able to create AI videos with Feedeo. With its multi-dimensional features and easy-to-utilize interface, anyone can make interactive videos with just a few clicks. So, log into your Google account to start creating engaging videos for professional purposes. Once you create a video with AI, you can publish it to engage with the target audience.

make ai video with feedeo

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