People nowadays seek alternatives to traditional 9-to-5 jobs, investing in small or new businesses instead. Promoting your product or brand for organic reach and revenue generation is important with everything being online. This is when marketing tools for small businesses made their way into the industry and influenced it. Thus, if you are not skilled enough for a startup, this article will guide you through the best marketing tools for small business.

Why Use Marketing Tools for Small Business?

When starting a business, the competition already exists in the market. Hence, lead and revenue generation require over and above effort to stand in the competitive industry. One of the methods to achieve success is employing small business marketing tools. Consequently, this section unveils some factors to indicate the importance of marketing tools for small business:

  • Boosts Productivity: Marketing tools streamline repetitive tasks and bring efficiency to sales. Thus, these tools save time by automating such tasks and increase the chances of productivity.
  • Identifies and Targets Audience: The most important factor in a business’s growth is audience recognition. As a result, these small business marketing tools automatically find and target the right audience via email marketing or other methods.
  • Economic Feasibility: Hiring professionals for marketing purposes can cost a fortune since they are full-time jobs. However, online tools are economical as they can do the job at half price.
  • Online Presence: Product marketing builds brand identity and ensures its online presence for generating organic leads. Therefore, AI-generated free marketing tools for small businesses can auto-generate descriptions, design logos, or enhance product images for this purpose.
  • Adaptive to Change: Trends related to marketing keep changing; thus, hiring people or commencing workshops can be both time-consuming and expensive. In contrast, marketing tools can adapt to changes, keep up with the trends, and keep your brand in the race.

What to Look for When Choosing Marketing Tools for Small Business?

Now that you know the significance of online marketing tools for small businesses, let’s choose one. Notably, you must always ensure that the chosen tool aligns with the goals that you’ve set for your business. All things considered, the following section highlights a few factors while going on a marketing tool hunt:

  • Welcoming User-Interface: The tool should have an accessible and practical user interface that is comprehendible for your team. Nevertheless, a tool with a complex display can be time-consuming for the team to understand and may lead to unnecessary errors.
  • Personalization Option: Consequently, every business has unique requirements and data; hence, a tool is necessary to have custom options. For example, it should be able to tailor itself to the user’s requirements while being completely reliable.
  • Automated Functioning: The primary purpose of using small business marketing tools is to eliminate pointless exertion. Therefore, the tool must have exceptional AI or automation capabilities to enhance productivity.
  • Updates and Fixes: Choose a tool that offers regular updates, as this will avoid any system glitches or errors. In addition, the tool must have active customer service so that you can instantly report or receive guidance about it.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: As a small business, your budget must be low. Thus, the tool you are choosing must fall under the cheap or affordable category to improve financial management.

10 Small Businesses Marketing Tools to Look Out

  • Feedeo – Best for generating AI avatar videos
  • Docuo – Best for AI-assisted writing
  • TopicRanker – Best for keyword generation for website ranking
  • Simplified – All-in-one tool for social media marketing
  • Hootsuite – Best for social analytics and audience engagement
  • Content Harmony – Best for content creation and optimization
  • Campaigner – Best for email marketing
  • MarketMuse – Best for crafting effective content strategies
  • Canva Pro – Best for graphic designing
  • Google Marketing Platform – Best for targeting audience and marketing ROI

Now, let’s progress to the main part of our article and discuss the top 10 marketing tools tailored for small businesses. In short, the subsequent section has compiled the foremost tools designed to aid in marketing, providing a comprehensive overview.

1. Feedeo

marketing tools for small business -feedeo

Maximize customer engagement by employing this AI marketing tool for small businesses. Feedeo, with its AI-driven capabilities and generative features, excels at capturing attention and generating leads for your business. In addition, the tool incorporates lifelike avatars and AI voices, ensuring face-to-face interaction for maximum engagement.

This is an all-in-one online marketing tool for small businesses that brings together content creators, marketers, sales representatives, and educators to fulfill their needs. Moreover, it helps generate AI videos and offers custom editing options afterward. Furthermore, the advanced versions have built-in video templates and custom avatar image or video generation options.


  • Additionally, you can mold the tool according to your business with its customization capabilities.
  • Besides, when it comes to chat and helpdesk inquiries, the Feedeo Suggest feature generates accurate responses.
  • The navigations on this marketing tool for small businesses are extremely adaptive.
  • Moreover, it contributes to the education sector via online video learning, quizzes, and surveys.


  • This marketing tool is not available as a mobile or desktop application.

Pricing Plans

  • Free: completely free
  • Starter: $19.9/month
  • Pro: $199/month

2. Docuo

best marketing tools for small business - docuo

Are you struggling with copywriting and finding it difficult to craft articles or descriptions for your website? This tool is an all-in-one writing assistant, as it can help you write product descriptions, codes, and directories with AI assistance. Additionally, this online marketing tool for small businesses can transform codes into documentation and embed multimedia for improved comprehension.


  • In addition, users can collaborate with the team on multiple tasks and co-author documents.
  • This tool proposes document management services like tracking history, access control, and automated saving.
  • Furthermore, the user interface is customizable, which makes it ideal for teamwork.


  • However, the free version will add the Spreading logo to the final output.

Pricing Plans

  • Free: 14-day free trial
  • Pro: $139/month

3. TopicRanker

small business marketing tools - topic ranker

If you want your website to remain steadfast in the long run, TopicRanker is the best marketing tool for small businesses. It also analyzes competitor websites extensively and unveils their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it provides keyword suggestions based on the subscription and helps optimize SEO for ultimate website ranking.


  • This tool has AI-assisted writing tools to generate blog posts, meta descriptions, and titles.
  • Furthermore, it enhances productivity by generating content outlines based on keywords.


  • This online marketing tool for small businesses doesn’t have a free or trial version.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter: $9/month
  • Basic: $59/month
  • Premium: $129/month

4. Simplified

marketing tools for small businesses - simplified

Social media marketing is one of the most important factors in taking a business to success, and this free marketing tool for small businesses is a source of that. All in all, it allows you to design social media posts, stories, ads, homepages, and videos. In addition, it can assist in writing video titles, product reviews, captions, or even generating memes.


  • Creators can schedule to directly their content on social platforms via this application.
  • Besides, this tool can also help you enhance product images via background removal and built-in templates.


  • Regardless, users complain about needing more cloud storage to save their projects online.

Pricing Plans

ServicesPricing Plans
Graphic Design1. Pro: 15 USD/month / 2. Business: 30 USD/month
Video Editor1. Pro: 19 USD/month, 2.Business: 49 USD/month
AI Writer1. Pro: 18 USD/month, 2.Business: 49 USD/month, 3. Agency: 199 USD/month
Social Media1. Pro: 30 USD/month, 2. Business: 49 USD/month, 3. Agency: 199 USD/month

5. Hootsuite

free marketing tools for small business - hootsuite

Use this all-in-one small business marketing tool to help you give valuable insights on content posting and generating leads. Subsequently, it helps you schedule publishing time for posting after a detailed analysis of the best time for posting. Moreover, it assists in AI content creation, generates content analytics, and provides effective engagement tools.


  • It connects all your social handles and brings them together in one place for effective management.
  • Additionally, it covers all industries for content management, like education, business, health, and more.


  • Regardless, the platform has a crowded user interface and is unsuitable for those with minimal preferences.

Pricing Plans

  • Professional: $99/month
  • Team: $249/month

6. Content Harmony

online marketing tools for small business - contentharmony

This marketing tool for small businesses enhances your marketing strategies by combining the powers of AI and competitor analysis. Besides, there are 4 main content management domains that the tool helps with. Consequently, it comprises keyword analysis, content briefs, content optimization for SEO ranking, and SERP reports. In addition, the tool also optimizes the written content for your site, such as blogs and articles.


  • Its user interface is admirable for its simplicity and innovative UX.
  • The tool has valuable resources like video guides that have proven helpful for users.


  • Despite the adjustable pricing plans, the prices are higher as compared to relative tools.

Pricing Plans

  • 5 Content Flow: $50/month
  • 150 Content Flow: $799/month

7. Campaigner

marketing tools for small business - campaigner - marketmuse

For those looking to launch an online marketing campaign for their business, this tool designed for small businesses is an ideal choice. Also, Campaigner boosts productivity and fosters brand-customer engagement through the automation of email marketing processes. Furthermore, it assists in generating auto-respondents as a follow-up and sends independent SMS to customers to generate leads.


  • Its personalization feature analyzes customer behavior and buyer history for personal engagement.
  • Equally important, this tool experiments with different techniques, observes their effectiveness and rules out the best ones for your business.


  • In retrospect, this marketing tool for small businesses should focus on its inactive customer service.

Pricing Plans (Email & SMS)

  • Starter: $104/month
  • Essential: $224/month
  • Advanced: $694/month
  • eCommerce: $79.95/month

8. MarketMuse

best marketing tools for small business

Improve your sales and content strategy with the best marketing tool for small businesses and its automated content audit services. However, instead of running manual keyword research, this tool can provide you with SERP insights, cluster, and content creation and analysis. Moreover, the tool generates content briefs covering valuable topics, FAQs, links to add, and publishing abilities.


  • This online marketing tool for small businesses offers a trial version for premium subscriptions.
  • Not to mention, it maintains content quality by telling you about the errors that competitors make.


  • At the same time, users report glitches in the trial version, which makes them question the reliability of the tool.

Pricing Plans

  • Standard: $149/month
  • Team: $399/month

9. Canva Pro

small business marketing tools -canva

Graphic designing is the primary factor in capturing the audience’s attention, and this marketing tool for small businesses is an expert. In addition to images, it eliminates video backgrounds and replaces them with professional ones. Consequently, it has 100+ stock images, videos, templates, and graphics to help you create content. Moreover, the tool has restoration abilities to transform bloomy content into social media content.


  • Moreover, it can help you promote your product in the international market with multilingual translation abilities.
  • Above all, it has AI-generative abilities to transform text into videos or generate magical textual content.


  • However, internet access is mandatory for this online marketing tool for small businesses.

Pricing Plans

  • Canva Pro: $54.99/month

10. Google Marketing Platform

marketing tools for small businesses -google marketing

Google is one of the most renowned free marketing tools for small businesses, providing insights into business analytics free of cost. Above and beyond, it provides customer-centric information across platforms to observe your customer engagement. Moreover, it improves your ROI by helping you collaborate with other platforms like Google Ads, Google Cloud, and Google Search Console.


  • Its universally adapted and innovative user interface makes it perfect for all users.
  • Furthermore, the tool is capable of API incorporation, which provides more custom options.
  • All things considered, employing its social media access integrations is tedious.
Pricing Plans
  • Free to Use


Briefly, this guide has discussed the perks of using marketing tools for small businesses in this fast-paced universe. Undoubtedly, AI is the new trend, and manual task performance makes it unable to compete in the long run.

Moreover, the tool discussed the top marketing tools that not only help you generate revenue or improve sales but also curate complete marketing campaigns for you to benefit from. Although all the tools are valuable, Feedeo stands firm with its intuitive interface and marketing benefits.

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