We know that more than half the population watches online video content for entertainment. Therefore, businesses can use this video content to create, store, and organize product information. Furthermore, to control all these critical tasks, companies need a video content management system. Also, it will help launch new products and educate the client about the product. In this article, we’ll explore the 10 most popular video content management software that can help your business grow.

What is a Video Content Management System?

A video content management system (VCMS) is like a centralized hub where you can store, organize, and share videos. Plus, this involves the organization storing and managing their online video content with their audience and employees. Moreover, whether it’s for creating ads, tutorials, or private training videos, CMS simplifies the process by categorizing the content by keywords.

Furthermore, video content management software processes and organizes media content, including videos, text, and graphic imagery. The system takes care of many smaller details related to overall video performance as well. Also, it automatically adjusts the video quality to reduce buffering and make video tags easily searchable for employees.

Why Use a Video Content Management System?

If you are working with an enterprise video content management system, then it presents various challenges that you should know how to handle. Besides, these can include storage space running out, unable to optimize the software on various devices, and no detailed data. Therefore, let’s look at the following features that you should consider before setting up a video CMS.

  • Storage Space: Even if you are using a standard CMS platform, storage space can exceed the maximum file size. However, a video CMS is built specifically for videos so that you can upload, store, and share large files without any hassle.
  • Security Measures: A video content management solution allows you to control who can see what content in your company video library. Additionally, it is so that you can safely share internal communications like memos or meeting recordings with your employees.
  • Seamless Streaming: You can stream seamlessly with the video content management system across all devices without disruption. Furthermore, it optimizes your streaming experience on various devices and detects the quality of users’ internet connection.
  • Searchability: The essential objective of every video CMS is automatic transcription, which means you can search files more easily. Moreover, you can search files by their title, filename, or metasearch data to manage your videos much better.
  • Collaboration: VCMS also supports collaboration features, allowing multiple users to work on video projects. In addition, enterprise video content management offers versioning skills to ensure customers are provided with the latest information.

Top 10 Video Content Management Systems

As discussed in the previous section, video content management solutions are instrumental in driving collaboration among teams. So, read the following section to get an idea of which one of the top 10 video content management systems is best for your company.

1. Feedeo

video content management system - feedeo

Feedeo is the best video content management software that helps you share the link of your interactive videos through a direct link. Also, you can browse the link on your computer or mobile to manage and share these videos through SMS, email, and other platforms. In addition, marketers can embed the videos or component widgets on their websites with code integration. Plus, you can even share these videos through iFrame and bubble widgets using this video content management solution.

Moreover, you can enhance your video marketing strategies by using videos that feature AI avatars. This increases your overall conversion rates and draws in more customers for your brand. Besides, it is also the best video feedback tool that helps you create video FAQs and collect feedback so that you can utilize that information to improve your brand further. With Feedeo, you can also create interactive lessons, accessible lectures, and video surveys to level up your video content management system.

Pricing Plans

Free Plan$0 per month
Starter Plan$19.9 per month
Pro Plan$199 per month

2. VPlayed

video content management software - vplayed

VPlayed is a video content management system that helps upload, organize, and manage your content all within a centralized software. Its CMS tackles diverse support functions from bulk import and export to multi-currency. Plus, users can add many videos at once and bring them into VPlayed’s video platform.

Besides, they can use their system to easily control all your videos and ensure everything runs smoothly from uploading to sharing by using their helpful tools. Moreover, the system has 6 models of video monetization that maximize the revenue from live streaming. Other than that, you also get an adaptive streaming feature that lets you have control over your marketing content.

Pricing Plans

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3. Microsoft Stream

video content management solution - microsoft stream

Microsoft Stream is an enterprise video content management tool that is widely used by companies for sharing information. Furthermore, it supports both live and on-demand video, which you can share within your organization. Plus, you can also use it with other Microsoft products like Teams and SharePoint. This way, you have controlled access to your videos while collaborating with your team members.

Additionally, you can catch up on team meeting recordings easily using chapters and transcript searches. Also, it allows users to share and discuss videos effortlessly with comments and @mentions. You can watch recordings at your convenience on any device with the help of this video content management system.

Pricing Plans

Microsoft Office E3$36/month
Microsoft Office E5$57/month
Microsoft Office F3$8/month

4. Brightcove

video content management system - brightcove

Brightcove is another video content management solution that is a secure business video host with an intuitive interface. Therefore, this software integrates with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and allows you to store a larger number of videos. Moreover, you can share videos on any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn after identifying your targeted audience.

Besides, users can check their content impression, analytics, and content engagements with the help of its flexible monetization models. Furthermore, it also offers fast channel creation, distribution, and scheduling capabilities.

Pricing Plans

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5. Uscreen

enterprise video content management - uscreen

Uscreen refers to a video content management system with a user-friendly interface that aims to provide a flawless video experience. Additionally, this powerful video catalog lets you organize, stream, and sell content across mobile, website, and TV apps. So, regarding video organization, it offers an auto-play feature to support binge-watching where members can organize their playlists.

Plus, apart from organization, users can live stream smoothly on platforms with the fastest HD playback and monetization. So, with Uscreen, you can collaborate with over 1000 platforms like Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and many more. Besides, it showcases a Netflix-like viewers catalog and YouTube-like descriptions, simplifies content discovery, and allows sharing videos in communities.

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6. Kaltura

video content management software - kaltura

This video content management system aims to streamline your productivity by sorting out media and videos so you can send them anywhere. Moreover, Kaltura offers multiple editing tools to trim videos or transform other media in any size and format. Additionally, this platform has media management tools and APIs that can adjust and organize content according to your needs.

Despite that, you can manage different types of users and the permission of admins to keep the content safe and well-organized. Also, users can simplify content viewing on different applications running on iOS, Android, and other devices.

Pricing Plans

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7. SproutVideo

video content management solution - sproutvideo

SproutVideo is enterprise video content management software with tools for secure video sharing, player customization, and analyzing video engagements. Hence, this professional video-hosting service aims to support secure internal communication and live-streaming of product launches. Furthermore, teams can collaborate on this platform effectively and manage accounts with bulk uploading or other tasks.

Afterward, members can edit and customize their theme to launch portfolios and internal video portals without coding. Also, you can use its video player, which is highly secure and customizable and offers embedding and sharing options on countless social media platforms.

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8. JW Player

video content management system - jwp

JW Player, also known as JWP, is another good choice regarding video content management software for video-driven companies. So, it can stream videos on any scale, expand the content reach, engage the viewers, and monetize the content. In addition, it’s an innovative solution that can live-stream content 24/7 to streamline workflow and protect content with Studio DRM.

Other than that, JWP offers a comprehensive authentication solution across apps and devices like Google Play, PayPal, Roku, and Apple TV. Moreover, you can engage the audience after sharing content on social media and monetize the audience with business models like SSAI and SVOD.

Pricing Plans

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9. Vbrick

enterprise video content management - vbrick

Vbrick is an end-to-end video platform and a leading cloud-native to overcome operational obstacles where implemented. Therefore, this video content management solution offers live translation of videos in more than 40 languages, transcriptions, and search-ability functions. Plus, Vbrick integrates with video conferencing software such as Zoom, WebEx, and Teams.

Moreover, you can keep video assets secure in a cloud repository to make the content easy to search for and share. Using the custom-brand portal, users can create channels, playlists, and categories to access digital content based on the topic.

Pricing Plans

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10. Vimeo

video content management software - vimeo

Another video hosting and sharing platform that you can count on is known as Vimeo, a powerful video content management system. So, with the attractive library on this platform, you can organize content and collaborate with your teammates through just a password. Additionally, Vimeo supports smoother employee communication from onboarding to training and collaboration.

Plus, it makes it easy to host virtual events, webinars, live streams, and conferences with 4K, HD, and 8K vision quality. Therefore, you can also control the video players, manage permissions, and search the content quickly.

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After providing a snapshot of what a video content management system is in this article, we have explained its uses as well. In addition, you got a detailed overview of the top 10 video content management software that must help you choose one that aligns with your goals and requirements. Thus, pick one that offers collaborations, security, sharing, and content organization options for a tailored experience and seamless workflow.

So, Feedeo is one such tool that provides you with an all-around platform for interactive video creation, storage, and sharing. Other than that, with this AI-powered tool, you can surely manage your video content in a better manner.

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