There is a way for business owners to improve their website or product to make their business successful, and that is through feedback website tools. It is integral for a business company to collect website feedback to gain recognition in the market. This feedback helps you learn more about your customers and their issues and make decisions to improve your services to grow. In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 10 website feedback software that make your business grow.

What is a Website Feedback Tool?

A website feedback tool is an application software that helps you create website surveys to collect valuable customer feedback. Furthermore, the beneficial part of feedback tools is that they often address issues that you will not be able to find on regular websites.

These website tools include surveys, feedback forms, user sessions, and heatmaps, where they play an individual role. With all the data gathered so far, businesses can make informed decisions to make their website even better. Furthermore, these feedback website tools enhance user experience and drive better results as a direct line of communication is set between them.

10 Best Feedback Tools for Website

To choose the right website feedback tool, you should explore its various features, consider your company’s survey needs, and see which suits you the best. Consequently, we will explore the top 10 feedback tools for websites so you can select the one that suits your business needs.

1. Feedeo

website feedback tool - feedeo

Feedeo is an interactive website feedback software that lets you collect feedback from your viewers effortlessly. You can create feedback surveys in the form of interactive videos. Furthermore, these videos can be generated through artificial intelligence using various components.

Other than that, you can also personalize your video content with AI and create dynamic video surveys where customers can interact with you. These surveys collect customer feedback and help your company grow exponentially. In addition to that, business owners can also add AI avatars and custom avatars to make their videos more interactive and engaging.

Key Features

  • Business managers can use interactive elements in their videos to make their video surveys more engaging. This way, the customers will be intrigued to take your website feedback survey.
  • You can embed your interactive survey directly on websites to collect product feedback.
  • Users get the chance to share the survey link through email, SMS, and social media to collect feedback.
  • Furthermore, Feedeo also provides you with various feedback video templates that help you create splendid surveys.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: $0 per month
  • Starter Plan: $19.9 per month
  • Pro Plan: $199 per month

2. Hotjar

feedback tool for website - hotjar

Hotjar is a user testing and website feedback tool that combines multiple UX tools. With this multi-dimensional tool, you can create heatmaps, surveys, and feedback polls. Moreover, these surveys and heatmaps enable businesses to visualize how users navigate their websites. This information helps identify popular sections, click-through patterns, and places where users can lose interest.

Key Features

  • Hotjar has survey and poll triggers on their website at various touchpoints. Also, these points trigger surveys immediately after the page loads and when a visitor wants to leave the page.
  • This tool also has on-site surveys, feedback polls, and NPS surveys that allow businesses to gather visitor feedback directly. Furthermore, this helps them understand customer preferences, pain points, and satisfaction levels of their customers.
  • Other than that, the feedback dashboard has multiple question types that can be dragged and dropped across the website.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic: $0
  • Plus: $59/month
  • Business: $79/month
  • Scale: $159/month

3. Survicate

feedback website tool - survicate

Survicate is an excellent website feedback tool that enables users to trigger targeted surveys at different locations on their company’s website. Additionally, you can send these questionnaires via email or SMS to different customers and clients. There is also a collection of pre-built surveys that users can choose from, along with chat surveys. Plus, this feedback tool has dashboarding capabilities, CSV and XLS exporting options, and NPS analysis that analyzes data effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Survicate provides you with 125+ survey templates for various purposes. These templates cover different types of feedback and survey goals that save you time and effort.
  • This tool has seamless integration with customer relationship management systems, analytics tools, or other platforms. Moreover, you can use them for a comprehensive view of your customer interactions with the website.
  • It has robust filtering options that assist you in analyzing survey responses efficiently. You can filter out responses based on specific criteria, such as user behavior or demographics.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter Plan: $59 per month
  • Business Plan: $129 per month


website feedback software -

If you want a seamless website feedback survey tool, utilize, which collects feedback from your team and customers with ease. Furthermore, this tool also helps to streamline the communication process between the developers and customers. It also enables effective collaboration with stakeholders for website improvements and bug fixes. can collect feedback from users from various devices and browsers, making it easy to gather comprehensive feedback.

Key Features

  • Subsequently, it has an annotated screenshots feature that directly captures feedback responses from the website. So, this feature reduces misunderstandings and ensures clarity in communication.
  • Additionally, the integration system of this tool is fused with various project management and communication tools like Trello, Asana, Slack, and more.
  • You can visually customize feedback forms based on your customers and clients. Plus, it also provides you with different shapes, arrows, text, and emojis that will keep the customers interested in the survey.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter Plan: $59 per month
  • Team Plan: $149 per month

5. GetFeedback

website feedback survey - getfeedback

GetFeedback is a user-friendly feedback website tool that facilitates you with customizable surveys for business purposes. It also contains a real-time, multi-channel feedback collection system that gathers insightful analytics. Other than that, the platform’s integration capabilities and scalability make it suitable for various business agendas. Also, you can promptly address the concerns of your customers while also fostering their trust and loyalty.

Key Features

  • The tool allows businesses to create highly customizable surveys and feedback forms that include website feedback questions. In addition, these questions are designed to match their brand and specific research objectives as well.
  • GetFeedback supports collecting feedback across multiple channels, including email, social media, and mobile. Now, you can have a broader reach to engage your customers through these preferred platforms.
  • Furthermore, it also provides real-time analytics and reporting features that enable businesses to track feedback responses quickly.

Pricing Plans

  • Contact Sales

6. Zonka Feedback

website feedback examples - zonka

Zonka Feedback is an effective website survey software that has all the useful features that most businesses require to collect feedback. Additionally, it quickly gathers feedback from customers and website visitors and collects valuable insights on user behavior and preferences. The feedback tool also helps create surveys, share surveys, and analyze feedback data. Other than that, it integrates with popular tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Google Sheets, and more.

Key Features

  • It has a survey trigger feature to deploy surveys throughout the survey process while capturing valuable insight at crucial touchpoints. Plus, these touchpoints include onboarding, purchases, customer interactions, and exit intent surveys.
  • The platform offers real-time alerts and notifications and even negative feedback to the company. In addition, this feature allows businesses to identify and address customer concerns while ensuring proactive responses.
  • Zonka offers a robust collection of over 100 survey templates and various question types. Furthermore, the diverse collection of templates and questions allows a streamlined feedback collection process.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter Plan: $79 per month
  • Professional Plan: $149 per month
  • Growth Plan: $299 per month

7. Ruttl

website feedback tool - ruttl

Ruttl is a creative website feedback example tool that allows you to review and collaborate with your team and clients on the feedback process. You can add contextual comments on your live websites, PDFs, images, etc. Moreover, you can also make real-time edits and customize your surveys and feedback polls with different components. Plus, this tool is now integrated with AI to generate concise website feedback questions according to your goals.

Key Features

  • This tool has a comprehensive CSS system and can inspect properties related to fonts, padding, alignment, and other styling attributes.
  • Moreover, it has an efficient bug-tracking feature that streamlines the bug-tracking system. It tracks bugs for website and mobile app projects, optimizing workflows and reporting.
  • Another of its features is that it supports multiple versions that allow for better version control and aid in tracking changes over time.

Pricing Plans

  • Pro Plan: $4 per month
  • Team Plan: $12 per month

8. Feedbackly

 feedback tool for website - feedbackly

Another great website feedback example is Feedbackly, which allows users to create feedback forms easily. You just have to copy and paste the code into your website’s HTML, and it’s ready to go. Moreover, your visitors can rate this tool by submitting comments and suggestions. With this website feedback tool, view all feedback on the dashboard and filter them by category and sub-category.

Key Features

  • Mopinion facilitates creating surveys in multiple languages that enable businesses to collect feedback from customers globally. Also, you can break the language barrier and provide your customers with consistent feedback experience across different regions.
  • In addition, this intuitive design allows businesses to easily build and customize surveys without the need for extensive coding.
  • Furthermore, it provides you with the capability to integrate sales data and metadata with its customer experience (CX) data.

Pricing Plans

  • Single Plan: $272.07 per month
  • Pro Plan: $545.24 per month

9. Mopinion

feedback website tool - mopinion

Mopinion is a website feedback software that collects and analyzes feedback from websites, mobile apps, and email campaigns. Additionally, this tool is equipped with an excellent feedback analysis that can visualize customer feedback on the dashboards. Other than that, with the help of smart alerts and feedback categorization, your team can share and take action on feedback promptly.

Key Features

  • The visual feedback feature provides business managers various visual elements, such as screenshots or annotations. So, you can enhance communication, allowing respondents to highlight specific aspects of the survey.
  • Mopinion provides a robust analysis tool feature that includes text analytics and sentiment analysis. Moreover, this allows businesses to gain deeper insights into customer sentiments, opinions, and preferences.
  • Furthermore, the smart labeling feature helps categorize feedback into categories that streamline the analysis process.

Pricing Plans

  • Standard Plan: $358.97 per month

10. Qualaroo

website feedback software - qualaroo

The Qualaroo website feedback form-building tool is ideal for targeting visitors with specific surveys to gather valuable insights. It provides you with reasonable questions like what the customers prefer more on the website, what encourages them to purchase, and more. In addition, this tool surveys works on various parameters that keep track of customers’ behavior while capturing their feedback. Furthermore, the word cloud generator can highlight the most frequently used words in the feedback response surveys.

Key Features

  • Other than that, this website feedback tool supports branch logic features with different templates and customization options. Moreover, you can create a splendid survey with its automatic language translation and 12+ question types.
  • It has an in-built AI-based sentiment analysis engine that evaluates the sentiment expressed in feedback.
  • You can deploy surveys on multiple channels to gather meaningful feedback from customers. These channels include websites, mobile apps, SaaS products, social media, email, etc.

Pricing Plans

  • Business Plan: $39.99 per month


We have conveyed to you a list of the top 10 website feedback tools in the market. After looking at all of these tools, it comes down to the question of what suits your company best. When choosing the right website feedback survey tool, consider your needs and business requirements.

However, we can say that Feedeo is the best one out of them all. It provides you with a perfect survey-making platform with its advanced AI-powered tools. Other than that, you can make your surveys more engaging by making interactive videos. These videos can contain custom avatars that concisely convey the desired message to your customers.