Marketing is crucial for a business, encouraging customers to buy your service and product. The tools for marketing help businesses reach their targeted audience efficiently. Digital marketing tools are the way to make your business successful by generating profit. Other than that, these tools retain customers by enhancing engagement and creating brand awareness.

What are Digital Marketing Tools?

The digital marketing tools are the techniques used to promote the product and service of the business. It allows the marketing team to execute and develop a marketing strategy for selling the product and service. Additionally, these online marketing tools help to reach potential customers by expanding their reach. Also, it is a way to stand out from the competitors in the congested market by attracting more customers.

Moreover, businesses can connect with the perspective of customers and deliver relevant messages through these marketing tools. Unlike traditional marketing methods, there is no need to spend money on a large investment, which makes these tools quite affordable. Besides, these free marketing tools are easy to use and accessible to all the people on the internet. In addition to that, it saves time by performing the optimized and quick functions rather than spending time on tedious tasks.

What Makes the Best Tool for Digital Marketing?

Marketing tools have many benefits that make them efficient for business marketing teams. Now, we need to consider what makes the marketing tool best for users. Plus, there are many options available for digital marketing tools, but some essential elements that make them the best have been discussed below:

  • User-friendly Interface: The tool for marketing must be easy to use for efficient outcomes. So, the productivity of online tools reduces the steep learning curve. Also, user-friendly and intuitive interfaces are essential elements of the best digital marketing tools.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: The marketing tool should have robust analytics to make it comprehensive for users. The tool must measure the marketing campaign’s success by providing insight into key performance indicators (KPIs). Also, this robust analytics is a way to get an idea of audience behavior and the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
  • Multi-channel Integration: The main purpose of the marketing tool is to deliver the message to a targeted audience through multiple channels. Plus, online marketing tools should support various channels of digital marketing, including social media, email, websites, and content marketing. In addition, they must ensure that the right message is delivered to the massive target audience.
  • Automation and Workflow Management: There should be an automation feature in tools for marketing to make workflow efficient. So, the repetitive tasks become streamlined with this automation feature of the marketing tool. Moreover, this feature coordinates the efforts across the different channels of marketing and ensures consistency in marketing activities.

10 Best Digital Marketing Tools Comparison

Marketing tools are the proper way of communication between the customers and the business. The must-have elements in marketing tools tell us what makes them best for users. Therefore, a comparison of the best tools has been given below to get further clarity on which one is best for their marketing strategy needs.

Digital Marketing ToolCategoryBest FeaturePricing
FeedeoVideo MarketingCustomized AI avatars in interactive videosForm Builder
AudienseAudience IntelligenceDigital consumer intelligence solutionAudience Insights: £1199/month
ClearbitSales ProspectingProvide B2B accurate contact dataGrowth Plan: $50 to $275/month
AhrefsSEO MarketingSuggest and analyze the keywordsLite Plan: $99/month
Standard Plan: $199/month
Advance Plan: $399/month
Enterprise Plan: $999/month
Sprout SocialSocial Media MarketingUnlimited social profilesStandard Plan: $249/month
Professional Plan: $399/month
Advanced Plan: $499/month
CanvaImage and Video EditorCreate the logos and icons for your brandPro Plan: $6.49/month
Team Plan: $12.99/month
OptimizelyDigital MarketingPower the entire lifecycle of marketingContact Sales Team
TypeformLead GenerationForm builderBasic Plan: $29/month
Plus Plan: $59/month
Business Plan: $99/month
MailchimpEmail MarketingProvide templates for emailEssential Plan: $13/month
Standard Plan: $20/month
Premium Plan: $175/month
Google AnalyticsMarketing AnalysisPredict future actions from the data analysisFree

The Best 10 Tools for Digital Marketing

The best digital marketing tools make marketing easier and more efficient. Additionally, different marketing tool options depending on user requirements are discussed below in detail. Also, the essential features of each feature that make it different from others have been mentioned.

1. Feedeo

digital marketing tools - feedeo

Feedeo is an AI-powered digital marketing tool that makes interactive videos for different marketing purposes. These interactive videos are the best way to showcase products, engage customers, and provide feedback with less effort. Moreover, this tool for video marketing attracts viewers by combining interactive elements and increasing feedback rates.

Additionally, the customers can be engaged by delivering messages through face-to-face-like videos offered by this tool for digital marketing. Plus, it increases the sales of the business and gives loyal customers to the businesses. A brand can tell the story to connect with customers emotionally with this online marketing tool as compared to the traditional message approach. Also, these visual interactive videos by Feedeo make the meeting process interesting and unique.

Key Features

  • The tool offers a wide range of images and voices of AI avatars for customization and as per the needs of marketing.
  • Moreover, the user can deliver the message to their customer by converting text into audio in interactive video using the script content feature of Feedeo.
  • The generated interactive video can be shared easily for maximum outreach by linking to the video provided by this tool.
  • Also, video can be embedded on the website by integrating the code provided by the tool that increases the feedback rate of customers.
  • Furthermore, the wide range of components for the personalized experience offered by this marketing tool can fulfill your various interactive scenarios.

2. Audiense

online marketing tools - audiense

Marketing teams can understand the audience in a better way with Audiense’s digital consumer intelligence solution. Plus, it empowers the tactics and strategies of marketing by getting insight from compliant social data. You can make marketing more efficient with the connect feature of digital marketing tools that help manage social media. Furthermore, it manages the followers by filtering out fake, inactive, and spam accounts on social media.

Key Features

  • It offers a digital intelligence META feature that translates audience online activity on social media by analyzing consumer behavior from the largest data pool.
  • Additionally, the data provided by the tool helps you understand the segments of consumers that need to be targeted for better connection and conversation.
  • With the help of Audiense’s TweetBinder feature, users can generate hashtag reports to track the audience.

3. Clearbit

free marketing tools - clearbit

It is one of the best digital marketing tools that understand the brand’s true B2B target market. Clearbit is quite helpful for startups and established enterprises in building a comprehensive audience for them. Also, this tool helps to pipeline the intent by revealing and understanding the visitors on the website. Moreover, you can connect with the right decision makers with the provided B2B database of this tool.

Key Features

  • The tool helps in global coverage by providing more than 30M verified contacts so you can connect the most accurate B2B contacts.
  • In addition, this online marketing tool builds the prospect lists directly in HubSpot and is ready for your campaigns.
  • Other than that, the base plan offers a monthly allocation of five reports, providing essential insights for effective decision-making.

4. Ahrefs

tools for marketing - ahrefs

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool for digital marketing that makes your marketing campaign easier and reaches the target audience. Users can rank any content with this tool to get more traffic from people. Plus, you can gain insight into the organic search traffic of any website or URL by studying the key features of a website with this tool. Other than that, it gives the SEO score through crawling all the pages of the website.

Key Features

  • This digital marketing tool gives the best keyword suggestions for different search engines other than Google to make marketing effective.
  • Furthermore, with this marketing tool, you can get suggestions for the top-performing content in your niche for marketing campaigns.
  • Also, users get weekly and monthly reports by email about the notable change in keyword ranking.

5. Sprout Social

best marketing tools - sproutsocial

Users can manage social media for marketing purposes with this powerful solution. In addition to that, this tool helps in publishing, scheduling, and reporting the strategies for marketing your brand. You can make the social strategy of marketing by distilling vast amounts of data into actionable insights with the Sprout Social tool. Additionally, this data enables them to differentiate brands and stand out from their peers.

Key Features

  • It provides analytics of different social media platforms and creates detailed reports that align with the business requirements.
  • Also, you can reach a new targeted audience through the all-in-one campaign management offered by Sprout Social.
  • In addition, users can use AI-driven technology to uncover potential customers and competitors with this tool for marketing.

6. Canva

 tools for digital marketing - canva

People can easily balance out their creativity and brand presence with the help of Canva. With this editing tool, you can engage the audience by bringing creativity and quality to content. Plus, users can post anything interesting for marketing purposes with creative images or graphics made on Canva. Additionally, appealing videos can be created easily with this best marketing tool.

Key Features

  • This tool helps in data visualization by making beautiful charts and animations of boring and massive data.
  • The attractive templates offered by this digital marketing tool can create a cinematic presentation of your activities.
  • Moreover, differentiate your brand from other marketing businesses by designing creative logos and icons.

7. Optimizely

best digital marketing tools - optimizely

The whole marketing system is provided by Optimizely, which powers the complete marketing lifecycle. Other than that, this works faster with AI-embedded technology to plan, create, and deliver an exceptional digital experience. Besides, it compiles all the assets in one place and uses advanced filters to discover the right assets. Additionally, this online marketing tool can track where and when assets are used to keep the content up to date.

Key Features

  • It gives the freedom to editors to create and scale the content and provide the best digital experience to users.
  • Furthermore, you can make changes to the website through the easy use of the WYSIWYG visual editor without the need for a developer.
  • Also, users can get a holistic view of digital sales by having an idea about how much inventory is sold, which makes product management easy.

8. Typeform

digital marketing tools - typeform

Typeform is an online marketing tool that provides data on signups and feedback from customers through generating forms. This tool asks the follow-up question at the right time to reveal further insights. Plus, you can make the feedback process more interesting for customers with the eye-catching visuals offered by this fantastic tool. Furthermore, encourage the customers to fill out the form by calling out them with their names.

Key Features

  • There are many templates for generating quizzes, surveys, and polls and getting customer feedback in an organized way.
  • Other than that, you can use the enterprise-exclusive feature for product marketing and get higher conversation rates.
  • In addition, this tool provides the integration of other apps to make collaboration with the audience easier.

9. Mailchimp

online marketing tools - mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing tool that helps you to drive personalized marketing messages. The marketing team can send product-specific emails with this free marketing tool according to customers’ behavior data. Plus, it is an AI-powered tool that offers creative designs in just one click for different social media platforms. Moreover, the website builder solution of this marketing tool can create beautiful websites and landing pages with built-in automation and marketing features.

Key Features

  • Businesses can increase sales by using the pre-built templates for the email of the Mailchimp tool according to their requirement.
  • Furthermore, you can monitor the trends and track the performance with the use of the tool’s reporting and analytics feature.
  • Also, the digital assets, including the graphics, photos, and files, can be managed and synced with the content studio of this free tool for marketing.

10. Google Analytics

free marketing tools - google analytics

Users can get complete information about the customers across the platforms and devices. Besides, Google Analytics helps to improve the marketing ROI by understanding the customer journey through the provided analytics. Additionally, you can easily understand the interaction of customers across apps and sites and use it for marketing purposes. Besides that, this digital marketing tool provides interactive data in reports to get deeper insights into customer behavior.

Key Features

  • With Google’s machine learning model, your data can be analyzed to predict future actions that customers may take, like purchasing.
  • The tool is designed in this way to effortlessly work with other Google solutions, like the report on Google Ads providing ads data.
  • Moreover, you can manage and organize the data with the admin API feature of Google Analytics.


This article sheds light on digital marketing tools, with a detailed discussion of must-have elements that make it best for use. The best tools for marketing have been discussed, along with their essential features, to get a better insight into them. As discussed throughout the article, these tools make your marketing process quick and easy for businesses. However, Feedeo is the best marketing tool that makes interactive videos with the provided script to help your marketing campaigns.

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Digital Marketing Tools FAQ

Q1: How can digital marketing tools improve a business’s online presence?

Digital marketing tools help in various ways, such as improving search engine rankings through SEO tools, managing and scheduling social media content, analyzing web traffic and user behavior, and automating email marketing campaigns. This leads to increased visibility and engagement.

Q2: Can digital marketing tools be effectively used for all types of businesses?

Yes, digital marketing tools are versatile and can be adapted to different business models and industries. Whether it’s a service-based business, e-commerce, B2B, or B2C, these tools can be customized to meet specific marketing goals and target audiences.

Q3: What is the role of AI in digital marketing tools in 2024?

AI plays a significant role in digital marketing tools by enabling personalized marketing, predictive analytics, automated content creation, chatbots for customer service, and enhanced data analysis. AI helps in making more informed decisions and improving customer experiences.