As we know, video marketing has become an integral strategy as it helps capture the audience’s attention and increase the conversion rate. There are times when you are hit with a creative block, and it suddenly becomes hard to make something inspiring. Therefore, motivate yourself by looking at the following video marketing examples to get your creative brain working again.

10 Best Video Marketing Examples in 2024

Various brands use video marketing to leverage creativity and leave a long-lasting effect on their audience. Video marketing can be used in the form of short, interactive videos, UGC, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes. These video marketing examples elevate the brand and demonstrate how the product and services work. Let’s explore the following video marketing examples to discover various ways of video marketing potential:

1. Airbnb: Stay Together for Less

video marketing examples - airbnb

The compelling video advertising example of Airbnb showcases the comfort of living together with its affordable hotel recommendation. In the ad, they capture the essence of togetherness as a few friends go on a trip. Moreover, the ad illustrates that a group of friends does not need to pay for separate hotel rooms as they can afford an Airbnb property.

The campaign idea was to focus on spending time with your friends together while on a trip and creating ever-lasting memories. Therefore, with Airbnb, you can get budget-friendly apartments and bond with your loved ones. A clear message of “Stay Together for Less” effectively communicates that Airbnb can provide you with a memorable experience.

2. Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

video advertising examples - coca cola

The Coca-Cola campaign was to create a sense of personal reconnection people have with their loved ones by sharing a bottle of Coke. They encourage viewers to share a bottle with a friend with the featured name on the Coke bottle. This makes the campaign more effective as it involves consumer participation with the simple act of sharing.

Coca-Cola emphasized the idea even more by tagging “Share a Coke” at the end of the video to influence its audience. Furthermore, the ad also transforms a common beverage into a symbol of shared happiness, which makes it more relatable. Also, this video advertising example teaches us that we all strive for human connection and how to rebuild that connection with our friends.

3. Nike: Better For It

what is video advertising examples - nike

We all doubted ourselves in one way or another in our lives. So, Nike decided to launch the “Better for It” campaign to motivate viewers with their video content. This ad campaign addressed the challenges women have to face during their fitness journey and how they develop insecurities. Therefore, the Nike ad also sheds light on women’s inner thoughts, such as how they have self-doubts.

Additionally, Nike connects with its target audience on a personal level by encouraging them to push through every obstacle. Nike’s video content marketing example is excellent for emphasizing real-life problems and building a connection with the viewers.

4. Alibaba: To The Greatness of Small

video content marketing examples - alibaba

Alibaba’s “To The Greatness of Small” campaign has emphasized that even the smallest of efforts can lead to something great. This ad is an excellent video marketing example as it celebrates and promotes small businesses around the world. Moreover, the ad elegantly captures the connection between Alibaba and local businesses as it contributes to a larger ecosystem.

To promote your small business on Alibaba and other social platforms, you can use Feedeo to create interactive and engaging videos. Furthermore, Feedeo provides solutions that can help boost your marketing brand and collect feedback on platforms like Alibaba. You can also collaborate with others on this e-commerce platform to connect with your audience, thus promoting your small business even more.

5. GoPro: Be a Hero Challenge Campaign

video marketing examples - gopro

GoPro advertises its brand by using a UGC video marketing strategy and displays a heroic act by a firefighter. The ad evokes emotions in the audience by showing the dedication of the firefighter as he rushes in to save the poor kitten. Therefore, the main purpose of this video advertising example campaign is for people to share their extreme adventures with the world.

The user-generated content by GoPro resonates with the durability of the product and connects emotionally with the audience. Furthermore, GoPro encourages its audience to go beyond their normal routine and share their adventures. It is a great marketing strategy that teaches us not to stop exhibiting various themes to increase the brand’s name.

6. Squarespace: Winona in Winona

video advertising examples - squarespace

The use of humor in any advertisement can promote the brand more than other video advertisements. Therefore, Squarespace seamlessly uses humor along with telling a story about a girl exploring different aspects of the town of Winona. This video content marketing example clearly illustrates the enthusiasm of the townspeople for having someone feature their town by using Squarespace.

This Squarespace ad showcases how you can easily build a website and add various pictures and interactive videos to promote your brand. You can also utilize Feedeo to capture the essence of your brand and upload it to your Squarespace website. Moreover, you can effortlessly collect feedback, showcase your product, and also generate leads with Feedeo.

7. Dove: Choose Beautiful

what is video advertising examples - dove

Dove chooses an interesting ad approach with its brand by encouraging women to reconsider themselves by participating in an activity. In this video marketing example, women were given a choice to go through the “Average” or “Beautiful” labeled doors.

The ad captured the internal struggles women face as the majority of them entered through the average door. Therefore, Dove effectively promotes self-esteem and a positive attitude in women so that they can see themselves as beautiful. Marketers can learn from this campaign about how they can emotionally connect with their target audience before promoting their brand.

8. Intel: Meet The Maker Series

video marketing examples - intel

Meet the Maker series by Intel is an inspiring video content marketing example that showcases the story of people developing prototype products. Moreover, the campaign spotlights individuals pushing the boundaries of technology in fields such as gaming, artificial intelligence, and more. By featuring the personal journeys of these makers, Intel aims to inspire a new generation of creators.

Through compelling narratives and impactful visuals, “Meet the Makers” also highlighted the capabilities of Intel’s technology for promotion purposes. In addition to that, it promoted a sense of community among those passionate about shaping the future through innovation.

9. Duolingo: The Unignorable Notification

video content marketing examples - duolingo

Another great video advertising example is the Duolingo ad that showcases an endless streak of notifications. Duolingo has built a community, with most of them stating, “Most of us are bombarded with endless notifications.” The goal of this ad campaign is to never give up on its users and to remind them continuously about their daily language lessons.

Duolingo gives daily reminders to its fellow language learners around the world and does not leave them in the dust. One of the reasons why this ad is effective is that it takes a humorous approach to its notification methods. Moreover, Duolingo makes the lessons more engaging and enjoyable for its users so that they keep on coming back.

10. Reebok: 25,915 Days Ad Campaign

video marketing examples - reebok

Reebok uses a story-based video marketing strategy and sends a powerful message that we should spend our lives continuously challenging ourselves. According to a study, an average human lives up to 25,915 days. This video advertising example portrays that humans can utilize these days to push their physical limits. Furthermore, the advertisement features women from different backgrounds running in reverse back to their childhoods.

It is a powerful advertisement that makes a statement about how humans should honor their bodies by engaging in various activities. Additionally, Reebok leverages the storytelling aspect by communicating its brand mission with a CTA to connect with its audience. Nonetheless, it is a powerful ad that leaves a positive, ever-lasting impact on the viewers.

Best Video Marketing Tool for Your Business: Feedeo

Video marketing plays a crucial role in the marketing industries, as we have learned from the video marketing examples above. One thing is certain: if you don’t have the right video marketing tool to make visually stunning videos, then it can cost your brand. Therefore, Feedeo is powerful AI software that helps users create engaging videos. You can showcase your product by creating interactive videos in three easy steps.

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Furthermore, enhance your video marketing strategies by generating a script and implementing it in a face-to-face video. These videos feature Feedeo AI avatars that you can customize by adding interactive elements that automatically boost the conversion rate. Moreover, marketers can boost sales by creating personalized videos like collecting feedback and answering FAQs. So, add this video marketing tool to your arsenal to experience business growth.

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