In this fast-moving market and demanding customer era, businesses are pressured to launch relevant and innovative products. The relevancy of the product is only possible if companies know the opinion of the potential customers. Product survey questions are an effective way to know the feedback of the product users. So, this article is about the importance of product surveys and examples of questions to ask in the product survey.

What is a Product Survey?

A product survey is the research method used to gather comments and opinions from potential customers regarding a product. Consequently, the survey includes questions to gather information on different aspects of the product. These product satisfaction surveys include questions about features, design, usability, customer satisfaction, and product pricing. In addition, it is a way to know how the market reacts to the product and what needs improvement.

Furthermore, focus groups, online reviews, and in-person and phone interviews are the way to perform product feedback surveys. Plus, companies can formulate questions according to aspects they want to know from the customers. You can also know about the problems in the product’s usability and features in the early stage to address them efficiently. Additionally, a product survey is useful to segment the audience based on their requirements and responses to the survey.

Importance of Product Survey

Businesses can shape the success of products with the help of surveys to make changes according to customer needs. The survey questions about the product feedback are also helpful before designing a new one. In this way, you can launch a product that meets customers’ expectations. Also, the other reasons that tell why the product survey is necessary are discussed below in detail:

  • Operational Efficiency: Companies can conduct a product survey to determine how well they perform. Other than that, the company can streamline its operational activities by understanding what customers need.
  • Market Validation: Surveys help businesses validate the product before introducing it to the market. Moreover, a product satisfaction survey increases the likelihood of the product’s success in the competitive market.
  • User Experience Enhancement: By collecting feedback on the usability, overall satisfaction, and design of the product, the company can know important aspects of user experience. Furthermore, aligning the product with the customer’s needs ensures the best user experience.
  • Gauging Performance: The product feedback survey can help you gauge performance by comparing data every year. In addition to that, you can track the performance in real-time and ensure that customer expectations are met.

Product Survey Questions Examples

We discussed in detail how important the product survey is for the product and overall business success and improvement. The product satisfaction survey questions should be formulated in a way that you get the answers to your questions easily. For that, it is essential to put up the right questions that direct users to share their opinions. As a result, the examples of the questions are given below for your help:

1. How Would You Like to Compare Our Products to Others?

The purpose of asking this question from customers is to gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the product. In addition, businesses can get an idea of where their product stands relative to market competitors to improve their market strategies. Also, fulfilling the market demands and customer preferences gives the company a competitive edge.

2. What Do You Value Most in Our Product?

The aim of the question is to uncover the unique selling points and features that resonate with the customers. Moreover, asking this product survey question helps the companies prioritize and emphasize the aspects that customers find valuable. Plus, companies can implement that aspect in the product during the product development phase.

3. Name Three Features That You Like the Most in the Product

Organizations can specifically ask the users what three features they liked the most so they can discover the appealing pointers. Moreover, the benefit of asking this question is to help companies focus on improving and maintaining the elements that satisfy the customers. Plus, getting the answer to this question from users allows the product manager to design future products.

4. How Easy Is It To Use Our Product?

It is very important to ask customers about their usability experience with the product to determine the usability challenge. The purpose of this product feedback survey question is to identify the user interface that hinders seamless experience. Furthermore, you can improve areas such as instructional materials and product accessibility through this question.

5. Do You Think Our Product is Worthwhile, and Why?

Sometimes, asking direct questions is not enough to get feedback. Thus, you need to add questions for customer suggestions to know their sentiments. In addition, companies might miss the questions that customers want to ask regarding the product. This kind of question allows the users to share their opinions and consider the areas that need attention.

6. How Could We Improve Our Product to Better Meet Your Needs?

This survey question about the product is an effective way to take customer suggestions related to the product. The answer to the question is valuable information for refining the functionality, features, and user experience. Additionally, the advantage of this question is that it bridges the gap between the existing product and customer needs. So, customer suggestions can give you information about their experience that is missing out on other survey questions.

7. Why Did You Choose Our Product?

This question aims to uncover the factors that impact the purchasing decision so the company can make market strategies accordingly. Also, it helps the company keep working on the different factors that attract users to buy the product. In addition, it fosters a positive feedback loop and strengthens the customer relationship.

8. What Do You Dislike About This Product?

Learning about the aspects that users dislike in the product is crucial for addressing the area of disappointment. Product managers can add this question to product satisfaction surveys to avoid the issues that hinder customer loyalty and satisfaction. Plus, the product development team avoids problems of features and usability in future products.

9. According to You, What Should Be The Ideal Price for This Product?

In most cases, product likeability depends on the reasonable price of your product relative to the other product in the market. If you are launching a new product, then this question tells the expectations of the customer about the product price. Furthermore, delivering the product according to customer expectations maximizes customer retention and sales.

10. How Well Does Our New Product Solve a Problem You Currently Face?

Businesses can check the product’s effectiveness by asking how well the new product solves the customer’s existing problems. Incorporating this factor in product satisfaction survey questions aids businesses in determining the real-world issues of customers’ lives. With the help of this, companies ensure that improvement in the product actually solves the customer’s problem.

11. How Would You Describe the Overall Product Experience?

Another way to know the miss-out aspects of the user feedback is by asking them a general question about their overall experience. Plus, it is strategically crafted to capture the multifaceted aspects of the customer experience with the product. Other than that, this portrays the user journey from initial impressions to the ongoing interaction with customers.

12. What is The Greatest Difficulty For You in Using Our Product?

A product feedback survey must include this question to find the difficulty customers face in using the product. You can determine the technical challenges that users face with this question and address them on time to avoid any inconvenience. Also, an organization can provide additional support where needed based on this type of feedback.

13. How Likely Are You to Recommend the Product to Others Based on The Current Features?

Assessing the likelihood of users recommending the product to others is the key indicator of overall customer satisfaction. Furthermore, businesses can identify the promoters who can contribute to positive word-of-mouth. If the customers admit to recommending your product to others, that means they are fully satisfied with your product.

14. Were There Specific Features or Functionalities That You Found Lacking or Unsatisfactory?

Users not only have problems with product usability, but specific features or functionality can be unsatisfactory for customers. Therefore, asking this sort of product survey question helps you to identify the gaps in the product offering. Addressing this shortcoming and avoiding it in future product development saves time and resources for the company.

15. How Satisfied Are You With the Recent Product Update or Renewal Process?

Collect the customer feedback and align your effort to update the product that does not retain your potential customer. To retain them, it is essential to ask the customer whether they are satisfied with the recent product update or renewal process. Furthermore, this question gauges the success of the update in addressing customer needs and preferences.

Top Tips for Conducting a Product Survey

The product satisfaction survey is an effective approach to getting insight into customers regarding your product. However, you can make your product survey more effective by following the essential tips on conducting the survey. Those tips for conducting the product survey have been explained below so you can consider them while preparing survey questions:

1. Define Clear Objectives

The first thing that you should consider for conducting the product survey is defining the goal for creating the survey. For this, ask yourself what particular information you are looking for and how it aligns with your business goals. Other than that, defining a clear objective helps create the relevant questions and ensures that the survey serves its purpose.

2. Target the Right Audience

Survey results can only be efficient if you choose the right audience to take the feedback on your product. To do this, gather the product feedback survey data from people most likely to use or benefit from your offer product. Also, this targeted approach helps the business to get the right and relevant information from customers for product improvement.

3. Keep it Short and Focused.

Customers like to respond to short and easy survey questions rather than lengthy and difficult ones. Therefore, keep the survey focused and short with clear and direct questions to respect the respondents’ time. Other than that, it is a way to keep the respondent engaged throughout the entire process of giving feedback.

4. Utilize Tools and Resources to Take Advantage

Businesses can use tools and resources to streamline the survey creation, distribution, and analysis process. Furthermore, tools can help businesses create visually appealing surveys and keep the customers engaged in giving the answers to survey questions about the products. Feedeo is a tool that can help you create a video with a graphic rating scale and, interestingly, take feedback. Moreover, with this website feedback tool, you can generate interactive video messages encouraging viewers to give feedback.

5. Inform Customers That Their Feedback Will be Considered

Once you have compiled and carefully reviewed the survey results, you can communicate them to the respondents. Furthermore, this tip makes the customer feel valued and respected and builds trust in the company. Besides, effective surveys are not only about asking the right questions but also about creating positive and respectful experiences for customers.

How Can Feedeo Help Your Product Survey?

As we discussed, the important tip is that using tools and resources can give an advantage in creating and taking the product feedback survey. Rather than create boring surveys, create videos with Feedeo and make the feedback-giving process interesting. It is the ultimate tool that can create interactive videos to encourage people to give feedback. Also, you can use AI avatar images and voice to ask for suggestions from the respondents.

This tool provides the amazing feature of adding components like MCQs and buttons for collecting customer feedback. With the help of Feedeo survey templates, you can easily create the survey quickly. You can also upload your picture to showcase your image in the video.

Key Features

  • You can deliver your message to targeted customers using the script feature of the tool.
  • Collect the user data through embedded videos directly on different websites and platforms.
  • Logical feature that can redirect pages or videos based on user feedback.
  • Also, you can add components like smiley faces and rating stars to know user’s preferences.

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