Businesses are always looking for new and exciting ways to get people’s attention, as everyone is in a hurry nowadays. So, one of the best methods that works well in creative and impactful aspects is video email marketing. Whether you need to introduce a new product or send a personalized message, videos make communication more relatable. Thus, this article will introduce you to some top-level tips that may boost the growth of your business.

What is Video Email Marketing?

Video email marketing is a way for businesses to make their emails more interesting through eye-catching videos. In this type of marketing, businesses put videos right in their email messages or give links to videos on social media platforms. So, this strategy proves to be helpful, as people don’t want to spend a lot of time reading and like to watch appealing content.

The main idea behind video email marketing is to use the sights and sounds of videos to make messages more exciting and memorable. These videos can be about different things, like showing how a product works, taking customers’ reviews, or telling a story about your brand.

Why is Video Email Marketing Important?

Video in email marketing is quite an essential method nowadays for businesses, as they want to catch the attention of their audience. This section will let you know about several reasons that play a significant role in the importance of video for emails:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Video content is more engaging than simple text or images, as viewers like to watch exciting stories. Therefore, if you integrate videos into email marketing, the recipients are more likely to see your content.
  • Better Memorability: People don’t remember much of the content that they read in a text format because they lose interest. On the other hand, videos leave a lasting impression on viewers by combining visuals and storytelling. So, you can make your content and brand more memorable for your clients through email marketing videos.
  • Improved Communication: Sometimes, the messages you try to convey in emails are complicated for viewers, and they don’t understand much. Thus, videos in email marketing help businesses explain things better through visuals, making them better understandable for the audience.
  • Analyzed Performance: Video email marketing comes with some analytics tools that can show you how people interact with your content. So, it enables you to analyze the performance of your strategy and how you can make it better. For example, you can see things like how many people opened the email or clicked on links that you attached.

How to Use Video in Email Marketing?

Video email marketing can significantly enhance your communication strategy and engage your audience more effectively if you learn how to use it. Therefore, we will discuss some of the best tips and video email marketing examples in this section to let you know its effective use.

1. Add Product Demonstration Videos to Your Email

Product demonstration in email video marketing involves creating videos that show the features and functionality of a product engagingly. With this approach, you can provide a firsthand look at how your product works and why it’s essential for the audience. Also, if you aim to launch a new product, it’s a good idea to send video emails to your subscribers about it.

Furthermore, the tip to use product demonstration in video email marketing is to keep it concise and relevant to the topic. You can also develop a script before making the video that guides the demonstration in a smooth and organized way.

2. Insert Customer Testimonials

A great way to catch people’s attention at your brand is to make testimonial videos of satisfied customers. The facts your audience will believe by listening from the happy customers will be on another level. So, these videos for emails should highlight the positive outcomes and recommendations in natural ways to attract a broader audience.

Moreover, you can make variations in these videos, like a collage of different interviews or a single interview with an energetic customer. You can also use an amazing tool like Feedeo to make interactive feedback videos that you can attach to your emails.

3. Make Emails Engaging with Event Highlights

Every industry or business organizes some special events either for entertainment or educational purposes. If your company hosts such events, you can record videos of them and send them to subscribers in emails. Particularly, capture the energy and key moments from these events to increase your audience’s excitement.

Make highlight reels of the event that not only serve as a valuable record for attendees but also showcase your brand’s active participation. You can then paste the links of these videos for emails to convey them effectively to the audience.

4. Make Connections with Audience Through Storytelling Videos

It is a basic human instinct to get more intrigued and excited about stories with curious turns of events. So, you can make this instinct to your advantage by presenting storytelling videos about your brand and products to your clients. These videos should include interviews with key stakeholders and a storyline that connects with the audience emotionally.

Not to mention, you can provide a detailed background of the origin of your company and its goals that trigger the attention of your audience. Afterward, you can embed these videos in email marketing to properly convey them to your subscribers.

5. Show Company Culture Footage

Another captivating way to steal people’s attention and interest in your business is to showcase your company’s culture footage. People love to see the real-life environment of a workplace, plus it adds a sense of trust in them for your company. Therefore, it seems to be one of the best video email marketing examples to make your business trustworthy.

Furthermore, you can include the collaborative efforts of your team in product development and their dedication to maintaining its quality. Thus, you can develop a connection with your audience by providing transparency and authenticity.

6. Engage Target Audience with Interactive Videos

Videos are great for grabbing people’s attention, but simple videos don’t cast much impact in business fields. So, you can create advanced interactive videos for the participatory experience of your viewers. This approach in video email marketing involves clickable elements and personalized pathways within the video content.

Therefore, these kinds of videos bring a deep level of user interaction by offering them the ability to influence the narrative. You can maximize your potential in this approach through the Feedeo AI tool that lets you create high-quality interactive videos for emails. Through this, you can enable your audience to experience the specific aspects of the videos based on their interests.

7. Share Links to Webinars and Live Sessions

Webinars and live sessions are among the best productive ways to extend the fame of your brand and products. Through these sessions, you can cover the topics in detail by providing expert insights and real-time responses to the audience’s queries. So, you should record these sessions in a video and use it in emails for your subscribers.

Overall, this video email marketing approach presents a comprehensive nature of live events to the audience. Thus, it plays a valuable role in the education and interaction of viewers with your company.

8. Incorporate Guides and Tutorials in Your Email

People take more interest in the products and services that they are familiar with and their use and importance. Therefore, you can make use of video in email marketing to give a detailed guide about your product’s usage. These videos should be designed in such a way that they break down complex processes into easily understandable steps.

Guides and tutorial videos should provide not just a surface-level overview but also an in-depth detail of each stage. In addition, you can also address some troubleshooting tips and FAQs that can further guide your audience.

9. Entertain Potential Leads with Laughable and Emotional Content

Have you ever noticed that memorable and interesting TV commercials are always funny ones? This is because people like funny and humorous content to watch, and it makes a lasting impression on their memory. Therefore, you can take out your silly side and present it in laughable videos in a way that aligns with your brand’s promotion.

On the other hand, emotions also play a significant role in catching people’s attention in content. So, you can go in the other direction and trigger people’s emotions by showcasing heartwarming videos in emails. All these aspects make this video email marketing approach quite effective for your business growth.

10. Announce Flash Sales Through Marketing Videos

Everyone wants to enjoy the sale opportunity, where they get to buy their favorite products at a discounted price. Thus, you can make use of this aspect and make flash sale announcements of your products to make your audience excited. In this way, you are more likely to get views on your product, thereby increasing your brand’s reach.

To make it work effectively, you need to embed these flash sale videos in emails that you send to your subscribers. A good tip is to use dynamic visuals, energetic music, and a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency in your product’s sales. Moreover, communicate the details of the sale clearly and provide a direct link in the email that leads the audience to the shopping page.

How to Embed Videos in Emails?

Normally, if we embed videos in emails, we get penalized by the email service providers for this violation. However, there’s a way to embed videos without worrying about this issue. This method merges links with images that will make your videos embedded as a clickable link.

With this technique, you can get all the benefits of embedded videos, as these links don’t trigger spam filters. In this section, we will guide you on how to embed your videos in email marketing for an effective video business strategy.

1. Make an Appealing Thumbnail Image

The most initial and vital step for videos is to create eye-catching thumbnails, as it is the first thing your audience looks at. Therefore, start with a perfect screenshot from your video and use a graphic tool like Canva to overlay text in your thumbnail. Also, add a play button image and make your thumbnail more visually contrasting.

2. Grab Your Video URL

After creating a thumbnail of your video, make your video interactive and more appealing through the Feedeo tool. Also, you can make use of AI-generated avatars of this tool to make your video even more interesting and personalized. You can then copy the link of the generated video from Feedeo and use it for email marketing with the video.

3. Embed the Link with Email

Finally, you can add your thumbnail to your email and then insert the link to the added thumbnail to create a clickable link. Once your thumbnail is set up, you can further support your video with a script to encourage people to watch your content.

Final Words

To conclude, it’s quite a pressing need for businesses to seek innovative ways to make their company stand out. In this respect, video email marketing proves to be one of the greatest solutions that interestingly increases your brand’s reach. Furthermore, you can enhance the potential of this strategic approach with the use of Feedeo, which lets you generate interactive videos for email marketing.

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