Although Typeform has various tools and is a leading survey software, it is still not likely that every business will benefit from it. Typeform has drawbacks, like having a confusing interface and limited functional features. In that case, marketing managers are looking for something new that is packed with unique features and comes at an affordable price. Therefore, keep reading this article to explore the top 10 Typeform alternatives in 2024.

What is Typeform?

Typeform is an online form builder that helps you collect data in a refreshingly different way by using signups and feedback. Its tools are specially designed to create interactive surveys, quizzes, and forms in stunning visuals that immediately catch your eye. Furthermore, you can embed forms and emails on the web where users can easily collect more data. In addition to that, you can also work through this by browsing 120+ integration options.

Moreover, Typeform provides 3000+ pre-built templates that help you achieve your marketing goals. Suppose you want to know how your newly released product is performing; Typeform provides you with beta testing, product research, and product feedback. You can also generate more leads by using the find customer feature. Other than that, discover new trends by researching the Typeform survey to stay on top of your game.

Why You Need a Typeform Alternative

Typeform poses several hurdles to marketing companies as it has a limited palate of features that companies can utilize. Additionally, this tool lags and glitches while building long and complex forms. In the following section, we’ll look at some of the reasons why you need a Typeform alternative.

  • Complicated Interface: The Typeform interface is complicated compared to other form-building tools online. Also, this limited the user experience as they found it challenging to navigate through the tool.
  • Limited Layout Options: There are limited layout options in Typeform as you cannot present your forms in a one-way view, which creators mostly prefer.
  • Restricted Logic Condition: This tool also has a restricted logic condition, and it does not let you pick out different options in a survey. Therefore, it defeats the purpose of creating a forum to collect feedback.
  • Lacking Video-Generated Feedback: Marketing companies collect feedback by creating interactive videos. These videos answer FAQs and showcase products; viewers can fill out feedback surveys.

Top 10 Typeform Alternatives for Marketing

We know that Typeform has different form-building tools that effortlessly collect data and feedback on your products. However, this tool has limited features that different marketing companies need to build their product forum. In the following section, we will discuss the top 10 Typeform alternatives that will also highlight their features.

1. Feedeo

best free typeform alternative - feedeo

Feedeo is AI-powered software that allows marketing companies to collect valuable feedback by creating interactive videos. This tool uses face-to-face interactive videos that feature AI avatars to present video forms for data collection. Furthermore, you can add visual elements to attract your audience after linking your video forms to online product surveys. This increases the growth of your product and spreads the word of others by sharing it on social media platforms.

In addition to that, you can personalize your video by setting logical conditions to direct your audience to different survey options. Moreover, the tool drives people’s attention by delivering engaging video content that outshines the traditional text-based approach. Users can generate leads that boost your products and also nurture lead conversion. Overall, Feedeo is the best Typeform competitor that marketing companies can use to gain feedback.

Key Features

  • This tool collects all customer feedback and suggestions and keeps a response history, which product managers can utilize to improve their products.
  • Moreover, your customers can now access feedback forms on their mobile and desktop by clicking on links that you can send them through email and SMS.
  • You can also interact with your audience through personalized videos where you can answer their questions, read reviews, and collect feedback.
  • Additionally, Feedeo can answer customers’ FAQs using interactive and engaging videos that help improve user experience.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: $0 per month
  • Starter Plan: $19.9 per month
  • Pro Plan: $199 per month

2. SurveySparrow

typeform competitors - survey sparrow

SurveySparrow is a great Typeform alternative as it is the best survey software that provides in-depth analysis of your products. Furthermore, users can build conversational-based surveys in multiple languages, increasing the response rate by up to 40%. You can host your surveys using a custom domain that further promotes your brand. Other than that, you can design your surveys with slip CSS codes that create surveys according to your brand.

Key Features

  • Product marketing companies can cross-tabulate their customer response survey to understand and gain hidden insight.
  • SurveySparrow secures your feedback data by creating custom SSL, and with GDPR compliance, this tool protects your data from any unwanted guests.
  • Furthermore, you can embed your surveys on web pages, including pop-up cards and chatbots that seamlessly direct your audience to the survey page.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic Plan: $39 per month
  • Starter Plan: $59 per month

3. Zonka

typeform competitors - zonka

Zonka is an excellent customer feedback software that comprises unique features that help seamlessly collect feedback from customers and employees. Moreover, you can elevate customer experience by getting in-depth insights with real-time feedback. You can also get an in-depth analysis report on NPS, CSAT, and CES. Other than that, you can reach your customers through SMS, web, emails, and offline surveys.

Key Features

  • With Zonka, you can create interactive surveys with a range of 30+ question types. Compared to Typeform templates, you can choose up to 1000 survey templates to engage your audience.
  • Additionally, you can create dynamic surveys that redirect your customers through specific web pages with their responses.
  • This tool lets you ask questions in more than 30 languages, and your audience can choose their respective language while doing the survey.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter Plan: $79 per month
  • Professional Plan: $149 per month
  • Growth Plan: $299 per month

4. Paperform

competitors of typeform  - poperform

Businesses can benefit from Paperform, which is an excellent Typeform alternative as it empowers you to create dynamic forms, surveys, and more. It offers beautiful templates for your surveys that make them stand out from the rest. Moreover, Paperform effortlessly calculates forms with an in-depth and easy-to-understand data analysis. You can get a ten times higher response rate with no interruption and a lagging interface when compared to Typeform API.

Key Features

  • Paperform elevates your feedback collection with its conditional logic feature, redirecting the audience to specific web pages.
  • Furthermore, this tool provides 700+ form templates that can be further customized by adding different logos, colors, and fonts that get your audience’s attention.
  • You can choose various questions, from open-ended questions to image selection, and it caters to various scenarios.

Pricing Plans

  • Essential Plan: $29 per month
  • Pro Plan: $59 per month
  • Business Plan: $199 per month

5. ProProfs

one of the typeform competitors - proprofs

ProProfs is an online survey maker with over 100+ ready-to-use templates and questions to create your survey quickly. Users can add questions about their products and services and branch out their questions using skip logic. Additionally, you can quickly gather feedback from customers by doing polls and in-app surveys. Also, these in-app surveys can take your audience to the websites where your product can get instant feedback.

Key Feature

  • Compared to Typeform Quiz, this tool lets you create a delightful survey with 20+ question types, simple navigation, and an accessible design.
  • Furthermore, you can create polls relevant to your product that reduce bounce rate and also target only the advanced audience.
  • The analytical feature of ProProfs provides you with a detailed presentation-ready report that you can review and understand customer’s demands.

Pricing Plans

  • Business Plan: $19.99 per month

6. Fynzo

typeform competitors - fynzo

Fynzo survey is an excellent Typeform alternative that helps you create interactive surveys and questionnaires. Marketing companies can take their audience to relevant survey questions by implementing jump logic. Moreover, you can share your surveys via the website, WhatsApp, email, and social media channels to reach a wider audience. In addition to that, managers can receive insightful reports on their surveys that you can download and share later as well.

Key Features

  • You can now enjoy creating surveys with over 500 templates available on Fynzo Survey Maker.
  • Fynzo automates your workflow by providing easy integration on apps like Google, Pixel, Zapier, and more.
  • Additionally, the survey results can also be analyzed on your mobile devices without internet access.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter Plan: $24 per month
  • Standard Plan: $45 per month
  • Premium Plan: $95 per month

7. Google Forms

good typeform alternative - google forms

Google Forms provides you with insightful features that make it a direct Typeform competitor, as you can create online forms with less effort. You can customize the background of your form, add a product logo, and choose multiple question types. Moreover, Google Forms can be accessed from your mobile and computer, so you can edit them on the go. This tool secures and controls the compliance of your product surveys by using encryption-level security.

Key Features

  • Google Forms provides you with detailed response results in the form of charts and graphically presents data in real-time.
  • Additionally, you can collaborate with your team to analyze survey results on Google Sheets and Slides.
  • You can use built-in response validation that ensures that every response falls under the specific category of question.

Pricing Plans

  • Business Standard Plan: $12 per month

8. HubSpot

top typeform alternative - hubspot

Another Typeform alternative is HubSpot, which seamlessly generates leads for your brand by providing accessible online survey features. You can create conversion-ready forms that your customers find easy to fill out without getting bored. Furthermore, the drag-and-drop form maker helps you customize your forms into interactive surveys. This tool also fills your CRM by calculating how many leads you get from your forms.

Key Features

  • You can create custom forms with the editing option that you can tailor to dynamic fields, field types, progressive profiling, and more.
  • Other than that, HubSpot also converts anonymous website visitors into qualified leads, as whoever fills out your survey is added to your database.
  • HubSpot gives insight into your process rate and conversion rate, tracks down views, and presents these analytics in visually stunning metrics.

Pricing Plans

  • Professional Plan: $800 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $3,600 per month

9. Wufoo

 best typeform alternative - wufoo

Wufoo is a cloud-based form builder that makes creating online surveys, contact, and registration forms much more manageable. As compared to the Typeform survey, this tool allows you to customize the forms in unique ways that match your brand look with or without CSS. This tool provides you with a collection of templates that make your surveys stand out more. In addition to that, product managers can benefit from Wufoo as it offers powerful form-building features and tools.

Key Features

  • Wufoo’s drag-and-drop form builder feature effortlessly creates forms with customization tools and themes.
  • Moreover, this tool automates workflow by providing you with 1000+ ways to connect your data with other business tools.
  • You can also customize your report according to your needs by using Wufoo’s out-of-the-box reports and converting them into spreadsheets if you want.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter Plan: $14.08 per month
  • Professional Plan: $29.08 per month
  • Advanced Plan: $74.08 per month
  • Ultimate Plan: $183.25 per month

10. Formstack

 alternative of typeform - formstack

If you are not convinced with Typeform quiz tools, then consider using Formstack, which simplifies the data collection method. This tool can automate the survey-creating method by providing you with a drag-and-drop form builder feature. Additionally, it has powerful features that empower your team to build their custom form. They can embed these forms anywhere on their website, share them on social media, and send links via email.

Key Features

  • Users can jumpstart form-building with 300+ templates provided by Formstack that include client forms, order forms, surveys, etc. However, Typeform templates lack such variety.
  • Moreover, this tool lets you create custom online forms with branching options that react to the customer’s responses.
  • Formstack’s form builder seamlessly integrates with a wide range of popular web applications.

Pricing Plans

  • Forms Plan: $59 per month

Final Words

To conclude this article, we have understood that there are many other Typeform alternatives with more features and accessibility. Out of all the form-building software we discussed in this article, Feedeo is the best AI video generator that you can use. It seamlessly collects feedback from the audience through interactive face-to-face videos. Furthermore, you can utilize this data to improve your product and services further.

smart interactive video generator

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